Can it keep up with my old Konova Slider?

SliderOne Motion Module and the SliderOne and the Knock off slider.

I did a review of the Konova slider 6 years ago, I thought it would be fun to see if the SliderOne could keep up with it by recreating most of the shots from that original video. I think as you can see the sliderone with the Motion Module actually did keep up in terms of travel distance given 4 count or one measure of the somewhat slow music I used on the original review. But where it doesn’t keep up is the speed of the slide, at first I was using 70% speed but when I started putting the clips on the timeline that was too slow and quickly started using 100% speed.

I am terrible at using my sliderone because I can never get a smooth slide, it would take 5 or 6 passes to get one good slide, but with the motor first slide and I am done. Now the Konova took easily 3 passes to get a good one, it just seemed like the smaller slider showed my mistakes more when doing it by hand.

Here is the thing, yes not having a fast speed does bother me, but I never used my long Konova because it was too hard to take everywhere, but this little thing is easy to take everywhere.

With the motor doing the hard work of keeping it smooth, I can concentrate on other things like exposure, try a different picture style or many I want to pan the head to track an object.

  • Basically with a short slider you have to get closer to a closer object.
  • It can handle a a6500 with a fluid head vertically, but with a 1DX with a 24-70, it really complained about it.
  • Since it has a motor he can actually get out of the shot and eliminate the shadow.
  • It connects to the phone really fast, there’s no Wi-Fi to deal with
  • It makes hardly any noise, unless it is struggling.
  • Hard to get it really low to match the previous shots
  • Sometimes the battery seats at a angle but still works, battery last forever. It’s easy to forget the battery.

The song is “Miss U” by Loveshadow on the creative commons site