Still looking for a monitor
  • Find pricing on the Eizo ColorEdge CG247X
  • I’ve been looking for a good monitor for a long time, 3rd one I have tried, other 2 are not worth mentioning. Hoping the prices of OLED come down, but it has not happened.
  • Looking for a 1080 display, I have tried 4k and just didn’t like it because the majority of my timelines are 1080. Looking for true 10 bit, accurate color good blacks and contrast specs, and a good way to calibrate it. Something I can trust, for less than $2000 which means the FSI is out of the picture.
  • Not a comprehensive review, I just don’t have the expensive test equipment or the experience to do that, so this will be more about my journey to find a suitable monitor.
  • The more I know the more I realize just how complex color can get.
  • Black levels are important when I do green screen work and have a black background.
  • OK after using this monitor for several days, I am sending it back because the viewing angle is too narrow if you have clients in the room at more than a 30 degree angle display. My curved LG panel is a lot more accurate at extreme angles.
  • Uses 4 watt in sleep mode, that is not good.
  • It is not as easy as taking the monitor out of the box, connecting and it and running a calibration, there are many other variables like gamut, brightness, other items you have to pick, not to mention what to pick for output with Resolve.