I got to meet up with Eric Franks of Videopia.org this past weekend in LA (VidCon conference) and I got to find out what camera gear he packs.

I was in LA this past weekend at VidCon which is basically the first YouTube conference. I was there to figure out how I can make more money from my YouTube videos so I can perhaps  justify spending too much time on this site.

I got to meet up with Eric Franks of Videopia.org. I’ve known Eric for years but this is the first time I got to meet him in person which was fun.

I first found Eric on Digital Juice’s TechKnow Show when he was at Digital Juice some years back. If you get a change to watch his training videos it will be well worth your time. I learned a ton from him.

Eric has written a good book on video production which I also recommend checking out if you are just getting started.

Some Photo I took at the VidCon Conference:

iJustine at VidCon 2010

Caitlin Hill Hitviews VidCon

Ze Frank VidCon

Charlie Mcdonnell VidCon


  • Ello,
    im also interested in what bag he’s using!

    Great blog. Just got my 550d and loving it!

  • I have to echo the interest in the bag he’s using. It’s like a clown car of gear. The size seems great. Love to get the make of the bag. Eric, if you’re checking this site please let us know.

    Thanks for posting dave

  • Ha! The bag is actually a ultra-cheapo shaving kit bag I got at Walmart, maybe cost $7. I couldn’t find it at walmart.com, however. The only downside to it is it doesn’t come with a shoulder strap of any sort – I’ll be sewing one on when I get a chance.

  • I always put a UV filter on my lenses when I first get them. I use my shirt to clean my UV filter on my lenses all the time. You just want to make sure the exterior lens with the coating on it is protected.

    If you get grease or something, you can just breathe on the UV filter to fog it then swirl your shirt around from the center out. In a jam it works just fine 🙂

    If you ever feel your UV filter got scratched or something, you could just replace it.