My First Canon 5D Mark III Project and Perhaps My Last

It was my first 5D3 project and perhaps it might be my last.


When I first got my Canon 5D Mark III two years ago this was the first project I used it on. The reason for this project was for me to get better at After Effects, but since I have used the new Panasonic GH4 and I’ve have been spoiled by the detail from the 4k image, I have given up on the After Effects comps I wanted to use in this video. So I am releasing the video called “The Machinist” now.

It was my first 5D3 project and perhaps it will be the last since I will be getting the Gh4 or the A7s to replace my Canon equipment.

Special thanks to Ryan Rakowski who helped me a couple of years ago with the AE comp you see at the beginning.

The Machinist

The Red Dress

Check out Deep Green Sea guys, they are amazing!

The Carpenter