It was my first 5D3 project and perhaps it might be my last.

When I first got my Canon 5D Mark III two years ago this was the first project I used it on. The reason for this project was for me to get better at After Effects, but since I have used the new Panasonic GH4 and I’ve have been spoiled by the detail from the 4k image, I have given up on the After Effects comps I wanted to use in this video. So I am releasing the video called “The Machinist” now.

It was my first 5D3 project and perhaps it will be the last since I will be getting the Gh4 or the A7s to replace my Canon equipment.

Special thanks to Ryan Rakowski who helped me a couple of years ago with the AE comp you see at the beginning.

The Machinist

The Red Dress

Check out Deep Green Sea guys, they are amazing!

The Carpenter


  • Dave, I’m also replacing my dSLR gear with mirrorless, and so far looking at a Fuji XT-1 to replace my d700 for RE and landscape photography, and a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera to replace my 7D for video.

    Maybe the A7s could replace both?

  • Mushy footages on 5D3?!! that’s not true. I shoot RAW with Magic Lantern and it’s not mushy. I have no problem tracking footages with Mocha in after effects at all and I’d never prefer those cameras over 5D3 just to get the 4K image!

  • I wish they’d finish Magic Lantern for mk3. I don’t like installing betas. Hell the mk4 will be out by the time they fully release it. As someone who got his mk3 a year after release (and still paying it off) I’m not ready to abandon Canon quite yet.

  • Only a fool thinks his success is in the tool.
    What ever details in the image of the GH4 or for that matter A7S or with the help of After Effects or whatever NLE, those tools will never make you a better cinematographer (storyteller)
    Try to make a nice visual story with your iPhone like Michael Koerbel did with Apple of my eye.

  • I’m surprised by some of the comments. Dave is correct: the MK3 (non hacked) is soft, especially when you compare it to something like the C100. Both shoot 1080p, but the C100 has lots more detail.

    Dave never said a better camera would make him a better cinematographer; but he could sell his MK3 and buy the GH4 with money to spare and have a better image. Why wouldn’t a cinematographer want a better image?

    Thanks for all you do, Dave.

  • Sean your right…
    As a filmmaker (Pro or amateur), we do everything we can to produce a better image quality. We strive for new technology.
    Sometime we do on purpose a lets say a grainy image with lower quality/sharpness, because we want that kind of look. And sometime we want to use black & white like in old times, sometime for building a more realistic feeling to the picture.

    With a greater camera, you can always choose to have the best picture, or degrade it to whatever you fit.

    With a lower quality camera, your stuck!

    I also went from my Canon 60D to the Pana GH4. I never thinking of my “old” Canon…

    Yes, with my Rokinon 35mmm 1.4, I could have a subject sharp (well not so sharp when I looking back at my materials), and a blurry background/foreground…

    But really, when filming, thats not so practical. Its impossible keeping focus on a moving object. You must like hire a whole crew and new equipment to be able to produce something with it..

    Even with my GH4, 12-35mm 2.8, its hard to follow lets say a moving child, running around.

    Its so exciting you moving to another level Dave. Seeing forward to your future posts…

  • @Sean K
    I have no problem if someone is going to replace his camera with a another one! but all i say is that having problem with tracking the footage has nothing to do with the softness of 5D3(non hacked). I have done the tracking on the footages much worse than the 5D images! so i certainly declare here that it’s not a camera issue.

    If you problem tracking data on 5D3, you will surely have the same problem with the 4K image! coz as Poederbach also mentioned it’s about the technique not the tool.

  • I agree that a camera is a tool, just like a hammer. You would be foolish to not use a hammer that was more efficient and driving nails into wood because you had an emotional attachment to another hammer. I was disappointed when Canon released the 5DM3. To me it was way too expensive with far too few new features. If Canon doesn’t get with the times, they are going to be left in the dust.
    I applaud Dave’s choice to get a new hammer. I will very likely do the same before the value of my current hammers goes through the floor.
    I expect this will save him from spending many hours in post doing the sharpening/noise dance.
    Dave – thanks for all of your work! I have enjoyed watching for years.

  • @KenJ
    The 5DIII does a great job, photographic its nearly one of the best all-in-one hammers on this planet. it was NOT the intention to build a filmcamera. in 2012 no one had a filmic wondermachine for 3000 bucks, bm neither. this game hast just begun, we’re goin now into the ~4. generation of video-dslr’s. content>technics!

  • The small sensor in the GH4 will NEVER create the filmic images the MKIII does. Period!. The reason “The art of making” videos are so stunning is the large sensor in the cannon and the shallow depth of field. The MKIII is, by design initially a little softer than the MKII. (I believe an extra anti alaising filter on the sensor causes this) From the beginning, this has been noted and discussed thousands of times anywhere you care to look. A simple 2-5% OF sharpening in post makes the images crystal clear. The GH4 might be sharp as a tack, but the question is, “why is that a good thing?” Sharper isn’t necessarily better, it’d just sharper. Dave goes on to show us two great pieces from the art of making and both are shot on the 5D. the GH4 would struggle to match the “emotion” in these images. And if you’re buying 4K just so you can reframe and blow thinks up in post, maybe you should just reconsider your composition and design your shots in camera better. Henri Cartier Bresson never cropped a photo he took. He felt that would change the story he captured. I agree. There are uses for a 4k image. I will use them in future composite and efx shots no doubt. Simply because more pixels will make my composites cleaner. I will never use 4k for principal photography. It’s just way too “video” for my liking. And as stated at the beginning, that small sensor will never give you “that film look”.