Watch a time lapse of my first food photo shoot.

Here are some images from my first ever food photography shoot.

I know most of you guys follow me for the video stuff, but since these cameras shoot amazing photos as well, I thought I would share with you my first ever food photo shoot. Don’t worry I don’t talk about photography that much here.

This entire video was shot on my iPhone, including the time lapse in the middle (I used Filmic Pro at 1fps and then speed it up in post to 23.976fps).

I thought my images came out great! And my sister-in-law Carrie and the chef Stephen Rohs really liked them, in fact I think they were blown away by them.

I brought a bunch of lights with me but her power was out so we used natural window light that came from the south. It was a little bit of a pain to keep moving the diffusion panel and table but the quality of the light I think was awesome for this type of food photography.

It was a lot of fun using my Canon 5D Mark III for photos instead of video this time.

Food Photo Shoot

Food Photo Shoot

Food Photo Shoot

Food Photo Shoot

Food Photo Shoot

Food Photo Shoot

Food Photo Shoot

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  • I’m sure a couple of commercial photographers would be jumping on some of the details you’ve missed (like clean and well polished silverware). However, the important thing is that your clients loved it. Thanks for sharing!

  • 90% Great comp and nice light,Detail, clarity awesome,However Shallow dof was over used,
    Should use a tripod and stop down, Again the shallow dof looks nice in some but, in my opinion too much

  • Hi Dave! Ah, food photography! That’s a very enjoyable art form, isn’t it?!

    I just feel obliged to point you in the direction of the Swedish food photographer Linda Lomelino. Her photography of sweets is just soooo nice, and very low-tech. Narrow depth of field, natural light, settings in familiar surroundings, with just ordinary props. Linda uses a Canon 5D MkII and 50mm/1,4 eller ett 100mm/2,8 for most of her photos, with amazing results.

    Check her out at:

  • @Jan oh wow, she is good isn’t she?

    @Felipe thanks for the feedback, they wanted that real shallow DOF look, but I know what you mean.

    @Jason I used my iphone on a mini tripod taped to the dash, I think the iphone has some awesome software in there to reduce the vibrations.

  • Small world. I just happened upon this and realized Rohs was involved. he is a Springfield, Il boy and very good friends with my brother-we knew him as “Moby”. Great pics. Was that a Canon 70-2200 2.8 that you were using. We have some family restaurants and I may give your techniques a shot.

  • Dave Dave DAVE!!!!!

    You are faaaaaaar too humble! Everything I have seen from you is golden! You have every idea how to shoot food! These are so good I want to hire your sister-in-law!!!!!

    Cheers-Charlie from Atlanta

  • The compositions and the food were excellent. However, I found myself searching for the in focus areas of the images too often. More tripod use and just one more stop of added depth of field would have produced flawless images.

  • Hi Dave, thanks for answering Jason’s question. I also have the same curiosity. I’m from Bangkok and have been following you for quite a while. Keep on the good work. I think you have covered some interesting topics for people who want to learn shooting video with dslr. Must apologize if my English is not very smooth since it is my second languish.

  • Hi Dave , great shots never thought food would be an interesting idea for a photo shoot , but they look really good , not that I would know being new to all this but never the less finding it all good for learning . Tell me what did you use for your video in the car driving up to your sister in laws , was it some sort of steady cam ? The footage looked really and smooth , I tried this once before I got my glidecam and the footage just bounced about as my van did , anyway thanks for your knowledge and hopefully I will learn a great deal from these videos , cheers , Dave lee parry u.k

  • @Dave I used my iphone on a mini tripod taped to the dash, I think the iphone has some awesome software in there to reduce the vibrations.