Time Lapse of Food Photo Shoot

Watch a time lapse of my first food photo shoot.


Here are some images from my first ever food photography shoot.

I know most of you guys follow me for the video stuff, but since these cameras shoot amazing photos as well, I thought I would share with you my first ever food photo shoot. Don’t worry I don’t talk about photography that much here.

This entire video was shot on my iPhone, including the time lapse in the middle (I used Filmic Pro at 1fps and then speed it up in post to 23.976fps).

I thought my images came out great! And my sister-in-law Carrie and the chef Stephen Rohs really liked them, in fact I think they were blown away by them.

I brought a bunch of lights with me but her power was out so we used natural window light that came from the south. It was a little bit of a pain to keep moving the diffusion panel and table but the quality of the light I think was awesome for this type of food photography.

It was a lot of fun using my Canon 5D Mark III for photos instead of video this time.

Food Photo Shoot

Food Photo Shoot

Food Photo Shoot

Food Photo Shoot

Food Photo Shoot

Food Photo Shoot

Food Photo Shoot

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