The perfect carry-on luggage light?
  • Pricing for the large round FotodioX Pro FlapJack LED C-300R
  • Pricing for the smaller FotodioX Pro FlapJack LED C-200L
  • “Perfect carry-on suitcase luggage lights.”
  • Uses edge light, no need to diffuse.
  • No fans!
  • Dimmer knob, please recess it like on other LEDs.
  • Battery lasts about 1:10 before starts to dim on the big ones.
  • Can’t dim while filming because it flickers
  • The power cord pulls out easily, one unit had connection issues. Dimmer and power connector a little too close to each other.
  • Construction is better than Rosco LitePads.
  • Carry on batteries, you are not supposed to check them

Natalie Brown Interview FlapJack Lights 2

Flapjack LEDs in luggage

Here are the lights I own.

With and without lights

FotodioX Pro FlapJack LED Edge Light C-300R

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