Which is Sharper on a Crop Sensor Canon vs Tamron 24-70

Can anyone answer this question?


So can anyone tell me when you put a lens that is designed for a full frame camera on a crop sensor body like the Canon T2i is the entire glass is being used?

I got this answer from titaniumslug on YouTube which sounds like the correct answer:

It does only use the centre of full frame glass. This has the advantage that light fall off (vignetting) & softness in the corners at large apertures will be cut off. However overall sharpness (in stills only) will be less on a crop sensor. If the two cameras have the same number megapixels then the crop sensor will have smaller pixels which means it has a smaller area of the glass to deliver sharpness for each pixel. This is why on the dpreview tests the same lens scores higher on full frame.

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