Sometimes you want to see someone update a camera's firmware before you try it yourself.

Sometimes you want to see someone update a camera’s firmware before you try it yourself since it can be nerve racking. So I created this video of me actually doing it for the first time.

But you should read all the directions first before attempting this, if you don’t you can turn your $1,700 camera in to a brick.

Make sure your battery is fully charged or the camera will not allow you to do any of this.

Format your SD card before you start and then take 2 pictures before you put the bin file on the card.

Don’t worry too much, I have done a lot of firmware updates and I have never turned a device into a brick!

Download the GH4 Firmware Version 1.1 Here

Audio Buzz Fix Return Info

In conjunction with our v1.1 GH4 firmware release, Panasonic has a  solution for the “audio buzz” issue that some people reported when a 3rd party external microphone is used. 
The customer will need to send their camera to our McAllen,TX repair facility where a modification will be done, quickly.  All units will be returned to the customer via 2nd Day shipping. 
The  customer should  contact Maria Alonzo whose contact info is provided below. 

Maria Alonzo 
Phone:        956-683-2902 

The customer should ship just the camera body to the address below via a traceable insured shipper such as UPS or Fedex. Include a note with your full contact info (including e-mail and daytime phone number) and mention that its being returned for the GH4 Audio Update. Please include a copy of the proof of purchase. 

Panasonic Factory Service Center 
4900 George McVay Drive 
Suite B, Door 12 
McAllen, TX  78503 
Attention: Maria Alonzo

Please do not contact me about returning your GH4, I can’t help you with that, I do not work for Panasonic, I am just passing on the info.


  • Just to say that I’ve never find any audio buzz in my GH4 bought 20 days ago in Europe/Madrid. Anyway I’ve updated to 1.1 version. Works the with the same awesome performance as before. I don’t work for Panasonic too.

  • I had a problem updating on my macbook pro, eventually got it to work by copying the bin file onto my desktop then copying it onto sdhc card then deleting all the other files (i.e. move to trash) leaving just the bin file on the card (128gb transcend). Put it into gh4 switched on then pressed play button and hey presto it worked!
    Thought this might be useful info for someone.
    Thanks for all your videos Dave.

  • Hi, can I launch the update with a legacy lens on the camera? I read somewhere that a lens have to be attached to do the update. I only have got legacy lenses (and for the camera is like having no lens attached) so I’m asking if I can do the update without risking to turn my camera in to a brick.. Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Dave, Thanks for the great helpful videos. Regarding the GH4 return for mic input audio fix, did you have to pay for the shipping? I know you mentioned they fix it for free but I wasn’t clear on the shipping cost. Thanks again.