Should I Return My New GigaByte P34G Laptop Because of Fan Noise?

Should I get another one?


Update 1: I returned it to NewEgg.

Update 2: it sounds like GigaByte has fixed the issue after I made this video. Here is a note from Peter who owns one.

They released a new BIOS two days ago that fixes the fan problem – it now only gets loud when you are really pushing the system and is silent otherwise. If on Silent mode it doesn’t even get to that top turbo mode ever – and on Auto it only does it if it really needs to (and even running CPU Stress tests I rarely get to that point of the fan even turning on at all). The threshold for fan start has now been bumped up to 60*C+ – it’s great :).

A while back I asked you guys what I should get for a new laptop and you gave lots of great ideas. I just purchased the GigaByte P34G. It costs close to $1,400.

It is super responsive within Lightroom and Premiere Pro, and it renders videos really fast. It is the dream laptop video editing machine, but the fan is too loud!

Can I build a fan curve to make it a little more acceptable to work with? Or should I get another laptop with similar specs that doesn’t sound like a jet taking off. Thoughts?

I’m not the only one complaining about this, check out the very long forum thread on the P34G fan issue and workarounds.


Email I Sent To GigaByte

I am really enjoying the speed of the P34G, however the fan is very annoying because it is ramping up and down very quickly. When I am working on video files I don’t mind the fan running at it’s “Extreme” level, however if my wife is cruising the web I don’t want it ramping up and down all the time.

So during simple web usage I switch the power settings to “power saver” and that lowers the max clock speed from 3.2GHz to about 1.7GHz which means the fan does not work as hard. However the abrupt change in fan level is distracting.

QUESTION: Is there a way to use a 3rd party or have you write a fan speed curve so it ramps gently instead of abrupt changes?

If you want to hear how loud it is, check out a video I created. I don’t want to return it if you can create a nice gentle fan curve.