The most powerful GPU didn't seem to help.

Pricing on new GTX 1080 Ti.

My Old card for sale $290 – Sold

Interested in buying my old GTX 980 Ti from EVGA?

The average price on Ebay is for a EVGA GTX 980 Ti $320 right now, I will take off $30 for fees I would normally pay to Ebay, so you can have it for $290. Sorry no international shipping, shipping will be additional cost, my guess is about $20 for UPS shipping.

It has sold.


  • You may find it give you a slight performance boost as you are driving a crazy display and resolve from 1 card. You could try using both cards to drive davinci and if that fails then hopefully Black magic will address it soon.

  • Premiere pro, edius, Vegas etc…. Are all doing a lot less work, Resolve goes the extra processing mile, so to speak with Yrgb. We transcode first, and have no issues.

  • BMD has stated many times that decoding/encoding in Resolve is performed by the CPU, so the GPU won’t help in this case. The upside is you now have a great card for noise reduction and OFX.

    Not a fan of recording to the Atomos instead? That would edit very smoothly.