Great card to upgrade.

GTX680 was getting old for 4k footage

  • GTX980ti almost twice the cuda cores as my old GTX680
  • Each release of Premiere Pro adds more gpu effects. Transform in the latest version now is GPU accelerated which means getting a better GPU is important.

Dave’s ‘Beast’ Computer Parts List

Titan X vs 980Ti

  • Titan 12G vs.  GTX 980ti 6G VRAM
  • Nervous I would use over 6g in my projects. However it is hard to use 4G of Vram
  • Noise reduction might use more in Resolve, might care but I have an a7s.
  • 680 350 dropped frames in edit tab
  • 980ti no dropped frames on edit tab
  • Render times, 680 2:32, 980ti 1:35

Thank James Drake


  • Thanks for sharing Dave! What’s your experience been like with the 980 and 4K GoPro footage in the timeline?

  • Thank you so much for video. I have GTX970 on my PC and currently using iMac for video editing for the love of the 5K screen. Is there any way that I can download the red footage to see how long it would take to render or how many drop frames I get with my current setup? This will help me to understand if I should upgrade my systems. Thank you!

  • Great stuff as always, Dave. One question/concern: the 980Ti is not on Adobe’s “officially supported” list. I’m currently using a 780Ti, which also isn’t on the officially supported list, because I thought that wouldn’t matter… but I regularly get PP rendering errors that don’t occur when I turn off GPU acceleration. As I result, I always render with the Mercury Playback Software Only engine, completely defeating the point of having a GPU.

    I guess I’m just voicing concern that the card could be unreliable. Because it’s not officially supported, Adobe won’t be testing it with each of their many incremental updates, so some new feature might have problems.

    The Titan is supported, albeit much more expensive.

  • @Tony I think it would probably be analogous to editing on a Hackintosh – it’s technically all “unsupported”, but still works well in a lot of cases… though ymmv.