I knew the clear winner would be Nikon, but I wanted to show everyone the way to set it up correctly.

I knew the clear winner would be Nikon, but I wanted to show everyone the way to set it up correctly.

Nikon’s HDMI output, does uncompressed video out, in case you want the purest image quality possible for post. From what I understand the Canon has a compressed output.

Products Used In This Video

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5D Mark3
5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark III

Nikon D800


Nikon D800



  • Looks like Canon is intentionally holding back. The white box and red record dot are like watermarks.

    Good test.

  • Man, I realy think Canon could win because it still delivers 1080i, even with white bx or red dot. But, I’m not specialist. Just my opinion. Great job!

  • If you dont need a full frame sensor Get a sony nex VG20 an be done with all these dslr issues. For travel and small projects i love dslr. But for everything els VG20. Or sony fs100 if you got the money. Never was a sony fan but sick of canon not giving us what we want. Now that I had time with my VG20 im in love 🙂

  • Can you see the image on the 5D screen when the HDMI is plugged in, like you can on the Nikon?

  • The right answer is to get a real cinema camera. Until recently F3 and Scarlet were your cheapest options.

    Now Black Magic has their new cinema camera. Sony has the FS700 which is a great step.

    (I discount the fs100 af100 and the Canon C300 because of their crippled 8bit video feeds.)

    The real step though is the Black Magic camera. 10bit clean SDI output, RAW recording, and Resolve and UltraStudio. I am ot a fan of its sensor size, but it’s a by useful one for cinematography.

    For me at least, it spells the end of the DSLR video fad. Now I wouldn’t use the DSLR video systems, except as originally intended, as a rudimentary video system for those whose primary responsibility is photography. Especially news photography.

  • Hey, a stupid question, but does the HDMI lead come with the camera or is it an accessory which you have to buy extra?

    Thank you, Excellent work by the way!