• I took to B&H to find the #1 Best Seller for headphones, once I found it I then found the next Top Seller around the same price range for a fun shootout.
  • #1 Best Seller Sony MDR-7506 has over 1,000 reviews at a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on B&H. Reading many of the reviews, many people LOVE these headphones.
  • Top Seller: The Senal SMH-1000 get a rating of 4.5 with 200 reviews. While there is a lot of love in the reviews there are some caution about the being intermittent and cutting out, which I have first hand knowledge.
  • The Sony’s fit my ears the best, but Senal’s have a much lighter feel to them (even though they are .2 oz heavier), the reality is they are not as tight.
  • The way I see it there are two different studio headphones, ones that sound great and ones that are very flat, I am looking for flat. My old AKG’s sound very flat to me, while these 2 headphones sound pretty flat in the mids and highs, but they are a little too bass heavy for me to call them flat. Now if you are connect these to your computer for video editing you can always roll off the bass a little so they sound flatter, and when done editing you can always bypass the EQ if you are just enjoying music.
  • If you really like rich bass that makes you move, get the Sony’s, if you want something a little flatter get the Senal’s, if you want boring and flat get something like the AKG’s.
  • Subjective! Everyone hears differently, I can tell you at my age I can’t hear anything above 15kHz, in my 20’s I could not hear about 18kHz. I was an audio engineer before I started this channel I have used many different headphones and my favorites are on the AKG K240 for decades.
  • I can talk a bit about durability, these AKG’s are over 30 years old, they don’t fit my head correctly any more and gold rings comes off, but besides that they never cut out or and still sound like they did when I got them. I’ve actually had the Senal’s for about 3 years and they do cut in and out. I thought having a detachable cord was a great idea for easy replacement but it turns out that is the weakest point.

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