Installing the most stable version 2.3 first.

I thought many people will be trying Magic Lantern soon because you can now shoot raw on many of the Canon DSLR’s now, so I thought I would start with baby sets and get everyone going on the most stable version 2.3 first before we get into the raw stuff.

Head here to download the files.

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5D Mark3
5D Mark III


  • Dave, you´re officially a prophet. Congratulations!
    (First RAW Video camera within a year)

    Any idea if the 6d does RAW Video in 1080 ?!
    I´m thinking about buying it since I killed my t2i in the rain a fiew weeks ago…

  • Just played with Magic Lantern RAW video. Very nice but I now can see all my dead pixels. I guess that’s going to be a problem going onward.

    Here’s hoping they can get a full 1080 or 720 RAW from the 600D. That would be perfect even though the workflow is a bit awkward right now.

  • I forgot to add that I’ve been using this build of Magic Lantern for over a year now and it’s never crashed that I know of. It’s installed on all of my cards and is mainly useful for focus peaking, HDR video shorts and Time Lapse with ramping. HDR stills are great with the Auto HDR feature which takes as many shots as needed until nothing is over or under exposed.

    Canon should employ these guys to make firmware and NOT restrict them!

  • Dave,

    I’m new in DSLR video production, I’ve been working with my T4i since December time frame and have been excited about Magic Lantern. I’ve went through their forum and really not sure where they are with the T4i release. 2 questions. When the 650D is mentioned is that the same as the T4i. And do you know if the T4i is ready now. It appears that they are still testing but just wanted to know your opinion. Thoughts?

  • Hi Dave,
    Do you know about this issue of Canon removing the 1.1.3 firmware upgrade from their site when the RAW hack came out? Apparently, now all you can get is the official Canon 1.2.1 firmware on their site. But there are private sites you can still get the 1.1.3 firmware upgrade so you can work with the ML RAW builds. That’s my understanding after much blog reading. Does this align with what you’re learning? So bottom line, if a 5d M3 user upgrades to 1.2.1 they can’t use the ML RAW build which is based on 1.1.3. Is that your understanding?

  • @Fletcher I did here you needed an older version for the 5D3 but I didn’t hear they pulled the old version on the Canon site.

  • dave,

    I’m a newbie at shooting with my 60d, and I’m really torn weather to install Magic Lantern or not since i havent even mastered the basic functions of my 60d yet. Should i install ML? Thanks

  • i cannot get magic lantern the nightly build to install on my t3i do u think u can help me maybe we can skype about it please let me know