I had fun on Mark's Wallace's show.

Mark Wallace was nice enough to have me on his “How’d They Do That” show for AdoramaTV, I have a lot of fun.

I have been coding up a ton of stuff on my other sites so it has taken me away from my camera, but I should have all the coding done pretty soon.

http://www.youtube.com/v/ruHm9ZlPoW0?fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0&hd=1″ />


  • I watched the video on the Adorama website. Your video in your DIY studio is just great. One would never know there is such a phenomenal price difference in equipment between your studio and the Adorama one. That speaks to your expertise. You did a great job too.

  • Come to the dark side Dave…. Install Magic Lantern for all your in camera audio recording needs, and some extra special stuff.

  • Hey Kevin (or anyone else)

    Since you mentioned ML. Can you or anyone tell me if Magic Lantern can be ‘easily’ uninstalled if the user doesn’t like it? Also, wondering if in a rare case when someone screws up the install and bricks their T2i, if there’s a fail safe way to restore your old T2i settings.

    Thanks all!

  • @Dan
    Magic Lantern is a 2 part hack.
    Part one turns on a feature that is inside the camera already, to allow booting from the SD card.
    This part has no other effect on the camera, and I don’t know if there is a way to remove it because it is not a priority to the devs, but I bet there would be a way.
    It is like if you set your computer’s bios to enable booting from the cd drive, sure you can turn it off, but can you think of a situation where you would 100% need to do it? (aside from the fear someone migght boot up linux and hack your personal files)

    Part 2
    You set your SD card to be bootable (Reversible with a simple format)
    Load it up with the ML files (The hack only exists on the SD card, removing them removes the hack)

    I have not seen a report of a bricked camera yet, but there have been hiccups along the way. Most solved by formatting the SD card and reloading the files (probably a bad file transfer).

    There are some bugs that can pop up in the code that prevent the camera from turning off.
    Those are rare and get fixed in a new build of the hack with in a day or two.
    These can be sort of dangerous to the camera as it will create heat as the cpu is stuck in a loop, so if you left your camera in that loop for a long time it might be damaged by the heat. (Again just pop the battery out if it ever happens, it never happened to me yet and I upgrade to every new build)

    It looks like if you ever need to send your camera into Canon, say because you got a lemmon, they will fix it just fine because when you put in a blank SD card, it boots up the normal Canon programs only.

  • Hey Dave, congrats on appearing on Adorama. I agree its your humble and natural ways that makes all this the more interesting. You are not pretentious or have the usual: “I’ll tell you how its done!” tone, but a much more appealing: “We’ll find out along the way” tone.

    Thanks! Oh, by the way, being a fellow T2i owner, I can’t believe they Misspelled 2Ti for the camera on the video!!! 🙂


  • Hi, will be grateful if you could share what kind of light you use in your studio – how do you get the background so black!