Ikan Vk7i vs Lilliput 663OP Field Monitor Comparison Tests

Audio issues with two field monitors.


Ikan VK7I vs Lilliput 663O/P

I purchased the Ikan VK7i after reviewing it against the SmallHD AC7 but I ran in to an issue, when playing back something I just recorded on my Canon 5D3 I could not monitor the audio on the camera or the monitor. Someone left a comment about the Lilliput (that I some how missed in my first review), that it had a headphone jack and a speaker too. I looked at it and decided to get it since it might solve my issue.

Unfortunately the answer to this riddle is a bit more complex when it comes to audio since both monitors have their weaknesses.

I decided to keep the Ikan and send the Lilliput back for a refund.

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Ikan VK7i

Ikan VK7i

5D Mark3

5D Mark III