Audio issues with two field monitors.

Ikan VK7I vs Lilliput 663O/P

I purchased the Ikan VK7i after reviewing it against the SmallHD AC7 but I ran in to an issue, when playing back something I just recorded on my Canon 5D3 I could not monitor the audio on the camera or the monitor. Someone left a comment about the Lilliput (that I some how missed in my first review), that it had a headphone jack and a speaker too. I looked at it and decided to get it since it might solve my issue.

Unfortunately the answer to this riddle is a bit more complex when it comes to audio since both monitors have their weaknesses.

I decided to keep the Ikan and send the Lilliput back for a refund.

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Ikan VK7i
Ikan VK7i
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  • Very helpful.

    Any consideration to testing/comparing an android tablet and DSLR controller app with the Ikan?

    The cost is half the price, virtually no latency, you can remote control your camera, and you can get 10″ displays.

    Thanks for your time.

  • The DSLR Controller app has those functions. Latency was a big problem early on, but not any more:

    Here is a youtube video demo using a Samsung Galaxy tab:

    Your pal DJ Sharton has done some videos on this topic as well, and has found what appears to be a good mounting option:

    In any event, I think your audience would appreciate if you took this comparison on.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Dave, I really enjoy your videos.
    I have done some light research for your HDMI audio issue for the ikan, but it is not a perfect solution because if you have everything, it could be quite bulky.
    Here’s the product:

    What you can do is, you can buy a battery pack instead of the wall power connector. From the image of the product, it looks like it is a regular standard power connector.

    And just to be clear, I do not own the ikan or the HDMI box, so I cannot try it out.

    Hope this helps!

  • hi everyone. A quick question about the lilliput 663 o/p pls..
    I don’t have the 5D Miii- I have a Canon 70D…I know that my Canon doesn’t carry audio over HDMI while recording so I won’t hear any sound thru the headphones or the small speaker on the Lilliput…but can anyone confirm that when PLAYING back a clip from the 70D (similar to the t3i &60D) I will hear sound from the headphones and or the speaker on the lilliput? This could be useful if a client wanted to hear his/her delivery to make sure that’s the take he/she wants-the tiny speaker on the DSLR is not good at all…I know the Canon DSLR will carry sound over HDMI on playback but want to make sure I can hear it over the headphones/speaker of the Lilliput. This might be more useful to me than the DSLR scaling. Please check for me.

  • An update. I purchased the 663 and with my Canon 70d i can now check audio on playback thru the headphones and it has a volume level. But i also got a portable JBL micro speaker to plug into the headphone jack to playback the clip with audio for the client if required.
    The DSLR scaling is not the best but i will just use the info button on the camera to keep the pic almost fullsize in the monitor.

  • Uh. You can ignore my previous comment – it is the same VK7i that you already reviewed. I mixed up and thought there were two versions.