The thing is a tank, in a word 'stout'!

Disclaimer: B&H gave me this c-stand for free in exchange for this review, I am being as fair as I can be with this review.

Find prices on the Impact C-Stand.

Let me first say that I am not a grip, and this is not a tutorial on how to use it, I am not going to use words like strike, stabbing, etc. and I not going to show which way the knuckles are stored.

I have helped on a few sets before and have used several different varieties of C-Stands and I can tell you this one is really well crafted, it is solid, and robust. The thing is a tank, in a word ‘stout’! It is the nicest one I have ever used. It is one of the heavier ones I have used.

I could see this thing taking some serious abuse and lasting a life time. However this thing is not at a professional price.

I think my friend Randy Braley who owns one of these said it best, it is the best value per pound you are going to find.

I suspect it’ll never break, ever. It didn’t come with a warranty card, and I guessing you will never need to use it.

BG-C5 Battery Grip for Canon EOS T3i & T2i is the product I am shooting in this video.

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Impact C-Stand
Impact C-Stand