Sorry for all the reviews lately, I just have one more to do before NAB.

Disclaimer: B&H gave me this item for free in exchange for this review, I am being as fair as I can be with this review.

Sorry for all the reviews lately, I just have one more to do before NAB.

Impact Reflector and Boom Stand

  • Works great for holding reflectors
  • I wish the clamps were a little larger so they can be opened easier, but the rubber.
  • Clamps will not tear the reflector.
  • Not super rugged like a c-stand or the Heavy Duty stand, but they are light and travel pretty well.

Impact Air-Cushioned Heavy Duty Light Stand

  • Next up on the right side is the Air-Cushioned Heavy Duty Light Stand.
  • As you can see the tubing is larger than the Reflector/Boom Stand.
  • Lightweight and durable and good value for less than $40, this is not one of those ultra cheap stand you get with a fluorescent lights kit, these will last a lot longer.
  • air cushioning works great will not drop down and pinch your hand.
  • Great for fluorescent lights or mount an LED on it, mount a flash unit on it, get two and use it for a background support of a green screen.
  • Footing is pretty wide.
  • It goes really tall 9.5′
  • But it can’t go really low.

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Impact Light Stands
Impact Reflector Stand
Boom & Reflector Stand


  • Nice product, but today I’ve not found the audio link to the, anything concerning with the audio track of this clip?


  • @Otavio Dias from the way I understand the new FTC rules, I am required by law to disclose this when I get a project for free.

  • Love your reviews every time, Dave! Thanks for taking the time to put these sorts of videos out there, I really do value them as I don’t always have the time to test them for myself. Also (unlike Otavio) I appreciate your upfront honesty / full disclosure policy.

    Thanks again and keep them coming!

  • First, love the site and the information. I also have the T2i and am just getting into more video. Thanks for the content.

    I am a little confused by what Otavio Dias said, maybe lost in translation. Are you paying for the music you use? Is he accusing you of using the music incorrectly? I looked at the site, and like the music; considering a few tracks for personel use, but don’t see a way to get them for free. Maybe I am missing something in this conversation?? 🙂

  • @Jesse thanks.

    @Gord It is not free, you have to pay to get the music, I get it for free because they advertise on my site (they help me make videos like this one which I am thankful for).

  • @Gord

    If your looking for backing music Freeplay Music is what I use for video.

    The song are free for personal use/showings and you can buy tracks for use on Youtube or public broadcast.
    The site is a little slow at the searching but they have a great selection.

  • Guys, i’m not talking about the music, that makes the video/marketing “nice”, or complain about the David’s capable. I like this blog a lot but whats makes me follow it was the constant David’s curiosity.
    This last couple of reviews looks like: “well, i received this and it’s pretty good”.
    For example, i have this Impact lighting stands (and all we know is made in China) and after one year all 3 pieces presents defect in the allen junction connector after exhausting uses. Or on the C stand, why did they come with the arm with mobile grip head able to move and change the gravity center? You need to buy another grip head that moves in separate to change it. It’s obviously the C stand don’t exist only to hold flags.
    When i said “you don’t have to disclaim” in the sarcastic way, i wasn’t saying about the law, but about (like or not) looks like payola. All your principles with “Learn Video DSLR” was lost here.
    In other hand, your great review about LED light, with serious analysis is one of the best i’ve seeing around the web.
    The power of social media and blogs influences today worst more than a couple of stands. Thats is what the biggest companies in the world are focus on. B&H know that, do you David?

    Best regards,

    From a fan.

  • For those that are curious about this, B&H called me up 3 months ago asking if I would review some items from their own brand and I told them I was too busy, but then they told me that I could keep the items. I needed a few light stands so I agreed to do it, I told them that if I didn’t like them I would say so in my review, and they said that was OK with them. They just wanted their items to get some exposure good or bad.

    I kind of regret it now because it has been more work than I expected, and I think my viewers are getting “product review” fatigue which I don’t like.

    Luckily all of the items that I have reviewed so far are actually good products, and the c-stand is one of the best ones I have ever touched.

    I only have one more video left to go and I promise I will start making non-review videos for awhile until I get the 5D3 and D800.

    Please stick around it will get better.

  • I apologize for my confusion about Otavio Dias’s comment. I thought he was talking about the music.

    I for one am not “product review” fatigued. My one comment/concern about these types of reviews is that I would like to see a follow up review six months or a year later to see if you are still using the product and if it is standing up. I find many products work just fine the first few times, but normal use will cause a fairly quick failure rate, or they just don’t work the way they need to in real life. The later follow-up review would also allow you to provide some insight into where the product worked good, and where it failed.

    One question, are you leaving the T2i behind for the new 5D3? I was thinking about it, but the cost does not justify the features for me. I really want a full frame sensor.

  • @Gord I’m not sure yet, I am going to review the 5D3 and the D800 first before I decide. I think I will always have a crop sensor camera so I might sell my T2i and get a used 60d perhaps.

  • @Dave

    Thanks for letting us know what all the reviews were about.

    I have to agree with Otavio Dias that the blog was getting boring.
    I also started watching your show because of the creativity that you brought to viewers. (I also like that it is “clean” without any language and very business like)

    Thanks for the reviews but go shot some footage 🙂

    another fan,

  • Dave, would you be able to post model number and/or link to the LED light you’re using with the stand and also the attachment that allows a light like that to be mounted on a stand? I’ve always wondered about this because it seems like a great alternative to a big bulky light set up.