The single most cost effective lighting tool you will own.

Disclaimer: B&H gave me this item for free in exchange for this review, I am being as fair as I can be with this review.

Sometimes you need a reflector that is just a bit larger than one you might use for photography.

Today I am reviewing the 5-in-1 Collapsible Oval Reflector which is big. It’s really well made and can take a lot of abuse. It has silver side, white, …then if you remove the cover you get a silk to shine the sun or lights through to diffuse the light, then if you reverse it which sometime can take a few seconds and your client might be looking at you funny, you get gold on one side and black on the other, that you can use as a flag.

You can mount the reflector on a light stand like the Impact Multiboom Light Stand/Reflector Holder that has clips. Just make sure you use a sandbag for the stand because the reflector does have some weight.

One of the most common uses I like to use it for is diffusion outside, since it is so big it give your talent a little bit more room to move compare to a small reflector.

It seems to be very durable and can take the abuse. And the zippers seem to be well made, I have never had them go off track in the 3 months I have used it.

Of course the small ones are easy to collapse. But this one take a couple of tries.

So far I must say I have been impressed by the Impact products I have review so far.

The single most cost effective lighting tool you will own.

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Large Oval 5-1 Reflector
Large Oval 5-1 Reflector
Impact Reflector Stand
Impact Reflector Stand


  • wow! $100 dollars?

    It’s nice but I think I will swing by the auto parts store a get a $10 windshield reflector. With a pair of scissors I can cut it into an oval. 🙂

    The silver looks the best in your comparison.

  • @Aron Anderson,

    Yes, It does look more professional. People take you more seriously when you show up with real/pro gear.

  • Hey Dave,

    Another off topic question!

    Can I ask – How do you embed youtube videos in 720 HD on your website, are you using a wordpress plugin or doing something with the youtube embed code, cant figure it out?


  • Michael I asked Dave this same question about 720 and so did others. I tried everything to embed in 720 and came to the conclusion that Dave be da man for figuring this out.

  • That will be cool. I am thinking about making a site of my own on WP so I can post videos in a controlled environment.

    If you could throw in some comments about WordPress and what works (or doesn’t) for you that would be helpful.

    Thanks Dave

  • Thanks for the review Dave. Your site has become a real good resource for me.

    I am going to be shooting a book trailer today and I will be taking my reflector although a much smaller one.

    Do you find the large reflector becomes a “sail” when using it outside? It wouldn’t take much wind to push something this size around even if you had someone hold it for you…

    Keep up the great work!

  • This is a good review, but I really don’t think it’s necessary to spend $100 on a reflector. $20 at most. I bought mine on Amazon for around that much and it’s worked like a dream.

    If $100 is a drop in the bucket for an accessory like this (for lack of a better word), go for it. Aside from that, TO ME, it’s just not worth it. Put that money into your production elsewhere.