Not the most high tech review, but still a fun one to do.

Impact 27lbs Sandbags [Find Pricing]

There are many times when I have need to counter balance boom arm or a tripod, or weigh down a c-stand or even to get down low and level my camera.  Many times I use crude stuff for these tasks that didn’t look that professional or work that well so I thought I would get a couple of 27lbs sandbags from B&H’s own brand Impact.

Of course they come without the sand because of the shipping charges, and they are constructed out of thick Cordura and reinforced sewing with double zippers. The stitching looks to be done really well.

So I asked around on Twitter Facebook and on my Google+ accounts for ideas on what to fill it with since I have heard that sand can smell after awhile since it is organic. I got some great ideas like rice or example, but since I was making a Home Depot run I thought I would still check out the sand. I talked to employee there and he promised me that their sand would not smell since it has been washed and some other stuff he mention like UV lights and such, for 3 dollars for the exact weight I needed, I went with sand.

I tried to fill each of the compartments as high as I could but when it came to weigh each one, I got 24lbs on one and 21lbs on the other, so I was a bit off from the 27 pounds it is rated for.

One of the best places for sandbags is outside because of the wind so I want to see how water proofed they are for other people that might want to use rice. It was a little wet past the first zipper but it seemed dry inside.

Wish the label was bigger so I could write my name on it. Also it would be nice if the handle had a large label around it tell you the weight of the bag.

Impact 27lbs Sandbags [Find Pricing]

Impact Sandbag
Impact Sandbag pricing

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  • It’s nice how every time I check my email you have a new video. Even if they’re not that helpful for me (I already have one of these from amazon), it’s still cool.

    Could you review a video light like the z96 or the CN126 please? 😀

  • One suggestion is to use one of the home food vacuum sealers to solve your sand problem. Fill multiple plastic vacuum bags with sand and seal them. This way you change the weight of your counter balance. Since the bags are sealed there is no smell or the mess of having sand everywhere.

  • Great post. #happynewyear #3Months tile #spring

    Ps. I use gravel instead of the sand and the weight is there also
    especially when you doing steadybag shoot’s that also sell
    a similar bag at homeDept will send you the sku# later in the week

  • Dave, I strongly suggest that you get that sand out of the bag ASAP, vacuum it, and give it a good cleaning. Then start over: get some 2-gallon freezer-strength zip lock bags, fill them with sand, and seal them. Run some Gaffer tape over the seals for extra strength. Insert those bags into the pockets of the canvas sandbags.

    Want to briefly switch from sand to rice? Easy! Just repeat the process with rice, and store the sand-filled freezer bags until you want them again.

    Backpacking? Bring empty zip lock freezer bags, fill with water when needed, and insert them into the canvas holder.

    Cheers! And thanks for all your good work!

  • Why not use ankle weights? the gym ones. The come sealed (or with the option to put the weight inside), with velcro, belt and so on. They are not as expensive as one could think, and you can use them as well to make some workout.

    Regards, happy holidays.

  • Ever,
    In the field with light stands, booms, etc., you’ll want to weigh things down with at least 25 pounds, often three or four times that.
    Very heavy ankle weights are only 10 pounds, so you’d need a lot of them.

    And I’ve often used pinto beans in sand bag covers as tripods, as Doug mentioned. At the Waco siege in 1993, we had a 600mm lens with two 2X extenders, and only bags of pinto beans, placed at each end of the rig, would work as a tripod.

  • hey –

    forget the sand stick any sort of 2l bottle on both sides filled with water. this way you have much less to carry.


  • Hi Dave,
    Thank you for taking the time for this review.
    I am looking forward for some of your future reviews about the different lighting stands.