Interview on Maui.

While in Maui on vacation I met up with Michael Andrew who does crash course training videos for photography, since I started doing similar courses but on shooting video with the same type of cameras I thought it would be fun to meet him in person.

The place we eat at was not to busy so I setup my camera and asked him a few questions:

  • I told him some of the places I was going on the island and he provide some things to look out for.
  • What is the first piece of equipment for a beginner to get for photography?
  • What are 3 places you love to shot at?
  • For those that might be getting good at DSLR video but want to bring their photography up a level, what do you recommend.

Check out his Canon 6D vs Nikon D600 review.

His new 365 project site is not running yet that he mentioned but will be live in late March.


  • I “knew” Michael well before I “met” you Dave.
    I can recommend his training videos, down to earth advice and conversational style. Not expensive either.

  • I have purchased several of Michael’s teaching videos. He’s a natural-born teacher and I am grateful to him for all I learned from him.

    It was fun to see him in casual conversation here …

  • You should definitely learn to dive on your next vacation. It takes you a week and you are comfortable shooting under water.

    If i had some tropical Water here in Berlin I´d have a camera in it all time!

  • Dave, Take a closer look at your wave photo. On the left there is a beach. I doubt very much that the beach was green. Color correct for the beach and then publish that photo for us to see.

    A trick for keeping water clarity when you are shooting is to take bags of frozen peas to share with the fish instead of bread. Tourists bring rolls from their hotels and cloud up the water. Move away from them and then watch the fish flock to you when you show them your frozen pea package. You can get nice clear shots of fish using that method. A supermarket clerk taught me this trick when I was last in Hawaii.