I have a corporate video project coming up so I picked Jem's brain about corporate interviews.

Jem Schofield from the C47 has a series of videos on Canon Digital Learning Center. In that Canon series, Jem was on location doing some corporate videos which is something I would like to try, so I wanted to pick Jem’s brain about this topic.

Jem has a daily video podcast called “gearbox” that I watch, and he also has a two week course called the Filmmaker’s Intensive.

His company, Buttons Productions clients include Apple, Inc., The New York Times, Canon.

Questions I Asked

  • What would you bring? Zoom vs. primes.
  • Pre-production before you shoot, meet with the client before hand what are you looking for, what types of questions are you asking them?
  • Are you taking stills or video when you scout? What time of the day do you scout their property? Available light?
  • When the shoot day arrives how many people do you have and what are they doing? Also do you know what lenses you will be using before you start setting up, or do you wait?
  • During the interview of your client, how do you get them to relax?
  • Do you asking them the same question over and over until they are happy with it.
  • Do you coach them what to say and not to say?
  • Are you looking bring them out by asking about what they are passionate about?
  • Do they get the questions before hand?
  • Canon C300?


  • Love this! Im really starting to pick up business, and all your stuff is a constant source of help. Good questions too! Ive done some interviews but this really has help me make sense of all of it!