Small near field monitors.

Speakers can be a very personal and subjective item which makes it hard to do a review on. I like really good speakers because I used to work in the audio industry 8 years ago.

While I am very happy with my old KEF Q30 speakers, sometimes I get slack for the large speakers on my desk and it would be nice to get some smaller ones.

The KRK Rokit 6 speakers seems to be pretty popular for editors because you can easily see them in their videos. Price is very affordable. Sometimes prices does not equal sound quality, I’m audio snob whatever sounds good works for me.

Right now they are only $120 a piece on sale with is pretty decent when compared to the Genelec $700 a piece price. The Genelec’s are some of the most accurate speakers I have listen to from about 200Hz up, but I didn’t buy them because I was a little afraid at the time about the longevity with the amps inside the unit. After reading so many of your comments that I shouldn’t worry about it I been looking at self powered speakers again.

So how do they sound compared to my KEF’s or the Genelec’s, ah not that great. KRK is a little to boxy in the low mids, they do have a nice punchy low end. The high end is lacking specially if you mount them on your desk and they are not inline with your ears.

I have found the best way to review speakers is by comparison. A/B back and forth quickly and then listen to for long periods and then I find myself saying ahhhh when I returned back to the KEF’s.

Now I did equalize them and they sounded much better, but still not as good when matched up to my KEF’s when equalized. This might be a little too techy but would you guys be interested in watching me EQ a set of speakers in a future video? I have EQ’ed hundreds of rooms over my audio career so it might be kind of fun to do. I would teach you how to use this app called RTA created by Andrew Smith of Studio Six Digital that I think is really cool for the price, it is only $10, you can use it without an instrument mic and get decent results.

I not done yet with my quest to find smaller speakers for my office, I might be looking at the Blue Sky monitors next.


  • I like all the connection options they give you
  • Nice that they are self powered


  • Don’t care for the yellow cones, they should be black and blend in. Should be heard and not seen?
  • Don’t care for the light up logo, again heard and not seen.

If you are coming straight out of your sound card to the speakers and using a Griffin PowerMate you can control the volume that way.


  • I would love to learn how to eq a set of speakers. Audio is the next frontier for me. I appreciate the review of KRK. I’ve been on a hunt for a good set of active monitors.

  • That was great Dave.

    I know audio is important for video for obvious reasons and yet I am using a X540 Logitech set just because they sound good for music in my studio and they were left over from a video game set up I had for my kids at home (they use headphones now).

    And yet, even though I know it is important I do not see why the speakers matter. That is, I do not see how they effect the final edit of my videos. For example, if I had a bad quality lens or overexposed portions it is obvious in the camera image. But in audio for me, it is either wide or loud noises I am trying to avoid. Beyond that, it is simply a quality issue of having enough sound. I really do not hear a difference. Not arguing, rather I am trying to learn WHY it matters to have good speakers, like how I know good quality light or lighting is important. This is just not so obvious to me. Any suggestions on how to train my ear?

    Or would you say “you are never gonna hear it until you get better speakers or new ears”


    OH….. and I would love to hear a review of the Alto or Impact lights we were discussing. Any light review would be good.

  • @Shawn Let’s say you are doing a video for a client and it’s interview of a man with background music. Let’s say you have the Kokit speakers which are pretty bass heavy, so to you the man’s voice might sound too bass heavy so you back off the bass but when your client listens to it now the man’s voice sound thin and perhaps even buried within the music.

  • YES I WANT A EQ Video.

    Like Carl, this is the next step for my DSLR setup. Ready to set up a good audio edit suit. (and better capture equipment)

    Please pursue this topic as I believe good audio is the second most important part of a DSLR video.

    Two things I would like to see:
    Budget friendly (for those of us still saving for a 5diii)

    And a close to pro grade setup. (I kow the opinions are all over the field but you’re good at reviews.)

    P.S. The audio on this video was better than the last video you did. Not as roomy

  • Hi Dave, omg I would love a video where you would EQ those. I got a Pair of rokit 5 myself and am pretty happy with it. I think you got the old G2 evolution model, the newer one they say is better especially in the higher frequencies.
    Waht I also would love is to here from you your expert advice about setup. I understand that you should put the monitors on ear height/direction, thats why I bought 2 stands for them (originally designed for the adam 5’s) but what everybody keep telling you is to make a equilateral triangle with the speaker setup. Everybody keeps repeating that but nobody tells you what happens if you DONT 🙂 With a multimonitor setup for me its difficult if not impossible to do so, so I’d like to hear what am I missing putting them too far apart?

    Thx for your infos

  • @Dave You might want to try the Adam A5x or A7x.

    @Andreas: If the speakers are not setup in an equilateral triangle, you will not be in the optimal position for a good stereo image. Most important is the equal distance between you and each speaker, the distance between the speakers (and resulting angle to you) is mostly responsible for the width of the stereo image you can hear.

  • Dave,
    Great review!
    My favorite near field monitors are the Mackie HR-824mk2. They sound awesome! Yes, I know Mackie has a bad name for low quality, but since they bought EAW they have improved greatly. In fact EAW engineers designed their current studio monitor line. The HR824mk2’s come with a certificate that shows a frequency graph Flat from 20hz to 20,000hz! (I checked them, and it’s true.)
    They make a smaller 5″ model MR5mk3. I’d like to see a review of those.
    In my edit bay I use the Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Curve Pro in line to tune the speakers, but since the HR824’s are totally flat I set the EQ on bypass. The DEQ2496 is a “Swiss Army Knife” of audio. Check it out, you will be glad you did.

  • First off, I’d love to see you EQ your setup. Next, I wanted to know what you thought of M-Audio active monitors. Specifically the BX5’s (5″, 70 watts) or the BX8’s (8″,130 watts). I’ve heard great things about them so I was wondering why you didn’t mention them.

  • You might try a set of PSB Alpha PS1 in about
    the same price range. I couple it with a little audioengine D1 preamp and it does the trick for me. If I were a gamer I would add a subwoofer but that’s not my gig and these do fine for me as nearfied reference speakers. Happy Camper here.

  • I may give you a few suggestions on DIY monitors:

    they sound just as good as some of the $500 speakers.

    In fact the speakers you referring to “abluesky” com use the same drivers.