KRK Rokit 6 Review

Small near field monitors.


Speakers can be a very personal and subjective item which makes it hard to do a review on. I like really good speakers because I used to work in the audio industry 8 years ago.

While I am very happy with my old KEF Q30 speakers, sometimes I get slack for the large speakers on my desk and it would be nice to get some smaller ones.

The KRK Rokit 6 speakers seems to be pretty popular for editors because you can easily see them in their videos. Price is very affordable. Sometimes prices does not equal sound quality, I’m audio snob whatever sounds good works for me.

Right now they are only $120 a piece on sale with is pretty decent when compared to the Genelec $700 a piece price. The Genelec’s are some of the most accurate speakers I have listen to from about 200Hz up, but I didn’t buy them because I was a little afraid at the time about the longevity with the amps inside the unit. After reading so many of your comments that I shouldn’t worry about it I been looking at self powered speakers again.

So how do they sound compared to my KEF’s or the Genelec’s, ah not that great. KRK is a little to boxy in the low mids, they do have a nice punchy low end. The high end is lacking specially if you mount them on your desk and they are not inline with your ears.

I have found the best way to review speakers is by comparison. A/B back and forth quickly and then listen to for long periods and then I find myself saying ahhhh when I returned back to the KEF’s.

Now I did equalize them and they sounded much better, but still not as good when matched up to my KEF’s when equalized. This might be a little too techy but would you guys be interested in watching me EQ a set of speakers in a future video? I have EQ’ed hundreds of rooms over my audio career so it might be kind of fun to do. I would teach you how to use this app called RTA created by Andrew Smith of Studio Six Digital that I think is really cool for the price, it is only $10, you can use it without an instrument mic and get decent results.

I not done yet with my quest to find smaller speakers for my office, I might be looking at the Blue Sky monitors next.


  • I like all the connection options they give you
  • Nice that they are self powered


  • Don’t care for the yellow cones, they should be black and blend in. Should be heard and not seen?
  • Don’t care for the light up logo, again heard and not seen.

If you are coming straight out of your sound card to the speakers and using a Griffin PowerMate you can control the volume that way.