It has a silent fan now.

This is a review of the iLed 150-56 150 watt led chip or array light.

Fan was loud like all the other lights I tested so I put a new one in (Noctua NF-B9), the temp went up (8 degrees C) but it is still below the 70 C limit. However this might make the LED chip to fail earlier.

iLed 150-56 (or 150WA)

  • Price is good, construction is so so.
  • Indoor light, I wouldn’t use outside.
  • Brick gets warm. One failed perhaps this one too?
  • Not just this company but all of them never seem to listen to the light after building it with a loud fan that is running full blast when it doesn’t need to.
  • They would not tell me who makes the led. But from Taiwan not online.
  • Of the ones I’ve tried largest heatsink which is the easiest to keep cool at low fan speeds. This one easiest to swap out the led. Prices are coming down and quality is going up.
  • Stock Fan kicks in as soon as you turn it on so it is not looking at temperature.
  • Worries me they supplied extra fuses.
  • It is louder than my computer which has five fans in it
  • The light flickers as you move the dimmer.

Conclusion from my Comparison Tests

  • Fluorescent lights make the colors look a little dingy, yellowish green.
  • The small C-700 and huge C-1500 match perfectly,  must have LED’s inside them.
  • 150-56:  5000K +.25green
  • Fluorescent: 5000k -2green
  • C-700 C-1500:  5300K -1.7Green
  • Fluorescent: They also start banding above 160 shutter.
  • 150-56: banding starts at 320 shutter
  • C-700 and C-1500 no banding at all
  • 150-56 matches daylight the best
  • C-700 doesn’t match but it makes skin a little warmer which might be a good thing.
  • I can get them all to match in Resolve pretty well, but if you look at the before and after the Fluorescent is very green (even after a custom WB), The 700/1500 are the most natural without CC, the 150-56 has some green in it but not as much as the fluorescent. But after CC I think the most natural looking is the 150-56.
  • Brightness: the 1500 is the brightest, then the Fluorescent (-2/3 stop) and the 700 and 150-56 (-1 stop). Using softboxes on the 150-56 and fluorescent. 52″ inches away looking at middle grey on chart.
  • 700RSV = 69w, Fluorescent wattage = 137w, , 150-56 = 117 watts, 1500 = 129 watts
  • The 1500 is too big and heavy to move around even in my office, I would not take it out of my house (17lbs). The 700 at 5.2ilbs is great, perfect size. The 150-56 can get hard to move around when you have a large software on it, but with just a reflector it is ok.

iLED 150-56 new fan testing temp

iLED 150-56 with glass diffuser

iLED 150-56 new fan

iLED 150-56 LED Chip


  • Great video! Have a soft spot for DIY stuff. Kind of amazing they build this great stuff but fully miss the point of simply using a quiet fan but, that’s what DIY is for 🙂
    By the way, never listen to complainers, they have to much bad karma and to much time on their hands.

  • Great video. I must say that wish for more light comparing videos. 🙂 the most important thing when filming is the light. Keep up the good work Dave.

  • Hey there Dave,

    Quite the contrary to the rude people, I’m enjoying the lighting gear reviews. Very well timed, since I’m about to do some upgrades. Keep `em up, and ignore the inconsiderate fools that thing you should do every single thing for free.

  • Dave, Don’t let a few negative comments get to you – “haters gonna hate”. I’ve been following you for years and find your videos very informative. Keep up the good work!