Luke Neumann Answers My DSLR Color Grading Questions

My first video podcast. I am starting my journey on learning to color my videos.


Today I am trying sometime very different from my traditional podcast, instead of audio this one is in video! My guest on today’s show is Luke Neumann of Danielle e’ Daniel Photo & Video who I found on YouTube that has some awesome video tutorials on DSLR’s, and is a pretty good story teller. Check out Luke’s YouTube channel because he has some great video tutorials on the T2i 550D. Another place you can find him is on Luke’s Vimeo Channel.

Definitely check out Luke’s Slider II video which has inspired me to get a slider.

You can Subscribe on ITunes and watch it on your mobile device if you like.

Note: this was recorded before I made my switch to Premiere CS5.

Questions I Asked

  • What is your background in video (how you got started) and what are you currently working on?
  • Your most popular video on Howcast is “How to Yodel”. I really like how you put some story telling in to each video like the one on “how to sword flight” – it has a nice comedy feel where the narration is serious and the video is almost sarcastic. How many people do you have helping you make these videos?
  • I really liked your last slider video, which slider do you use and how do you like it?
  • The main reason I wanted Luke to come on my show is because he uses Vegas like I do and he really knows how to color his videos really well. Can you tell us when you started to color correct or color grade your videos?
  • Starting off with your picture style, do you start with a flat setting, if so can you give us your sharpness, contrast, saturation and tone settings?
  • Next up: Filters, do you use any ND or circular polarizers outside?
  • Moving in to Vegas, what is your work-flow for color grading your shots?
  • Lastly do you add any vignetting effects at the end of your work flow?
  • Where can people find you online?