Just a quick test for a upcoming video.

Just a quick test of Magic Lantern raw with green screen for an upcoming video I am working on.

Canon 5D3 with Tamron 24-70mm.

The raw video keys a lot easier than the h.264 version, you can get a much cleaner matte. But the final key for both look pretty good.

Notice the moire patterns on ML raw with my shirt that doesn’t happen on my h.264 shirt. Actually now that I have uploaded it here on Vimeo you can’t see the patterns anymore.

Notice how much more detail there is with the raw version.

Time and file sizes (raw is big and time consuming):

  • 1:30 raw file 7.7G – 2:45 H.264 only 760M
  • 1 minute to import the Tascam audio (raw needs separate audio track)
  • 20 seconds to convert ML raw file to DNG file sequence
  • 2 minutes to process dng’s in ACR
  • Export raw 1:30 (2300 frames) to DNxHD 24 minutes within After Effects
  • Export h.264 2300 frames to DNxHD 5 minutes within After Effects