Installing Magic Lantern Raw on My 5D Mark III

This is not a polished video on how to do this, but more of me working my way through it.


I got my new 1000X 64G KomputerBay CF card today and made a video of me installing Magic Lantern on my Canon 5D Mark III. I’m going to use it so I can shoot raw with it.

This is not a polished video on how to do this, but more of me working my way through it.

*** Get the most recent Magic Lantern files for the 5D3 here to shoot raw video. changed loction again.

Watch Charles Video here if you are looking for a more polished version.

Get the files from Charles video here. OLD

Read Andrew Reid’s blog post about cards that work with the 5D3 raw.

Magic Lantern forum post showing the folder structure you need to make raw work.

So the question is, should I send the card back in hopes of getting a faster one?

5D3 Settings

  • Make sure you’re only on single shot mode, multi-shot mode changes the buffer size
  • Long exp. noise reduction =OFF
  • High ISO speed NR = OFF
  • Highlight tone priority = OFF (just in case)
  • Global Draw off?
  • exFat on CF card format

Speed Test!

I was averaging 84MB/s write and 110MB/s in live view mode and now I am averaging 107.2MB/s Write and 137.3 Read speed not in live mode as measured by Magic Lantern’s benchmark card test.

Komputerbay 64GB CF Card Magic Lantern speed benchmark test

I will not be making a video on how to do this for the T3i 650D because the shelf life on this video is sooo short!

But if you need help for the T3i, Filipe Gonçalves helped me out a ton and here is his instructions that got me started:

Install ML nightly build, I have just copied all files to the card overwriting the normal ML files (probably you should format your card and not do like I did)

Link for nightly builds:

Then download the latest module:

Avoid me and others are having problems with it.
Still Sprinkle is working fine.

Once you download the [600D] file rename it and add rar or zip extension, then uncompress and use those files to overwrite the ones in your card: overwrite “autoexec bin” and modules folder goes into ML folder.

Start your camera in video mode and go to the far right menu, chose load modules. You will see raw_rec. Then goto the movie menu and chose RAW movies, chose your resolution etc.