In this tutorial I will show you how I adjust the raw video contrast.

I was really surprised to see that the raw video off my Canon 5D Mark III was more ‘contrasty‘ then the neutral picture style with the contrast all the way down. So in this tutorial I will show you how I adjust the raw video contrast to match that of the compressed H.264 version.

I’m having a lot of fun learning about raw video, I feel like I am just scratching the surface of what my Canon 5D Mark III can do in raw mode.

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  • I have been working with ML RAW since day one and had no idea that you can simply save the AF project and then import to PP. I spent so much time rendering it to MJPEG before I could import to PP. Thank you Dave!!!

  • This video cleared up my questions on the workflow. I was confused on how to save the AE file to be used in Premiere. I thought it would have to be rendered but now I see it’s saved as is. Am I right?

    Thanks Dave

  • That’s a nice workflow to skip one conversion step (to tiff or jpg) and working actually with DNG (means raw) till the end with all the flexibility, cool! The only requirement: a fast computer, my 1st gen i7 notebook is definitely too slow for that. It’s not fun.

    Btw: Adobe Camera Raw offers a picker for white balance by pressing the shift button.

    Your question about 1088px height: this is/was because of performance. There was a discussion about that on the forum today, so not sure if it’s still valid.

  • High fives for dynamic link library!
    Always a pleasure Dave. Your videos are some of the best looking on Youtube.

  • I haven’t messed a lot with the RAW video on my 60D (but I still have) because the ports for it seem to be a bit neglected. However, I have noticed that the H.264 recordings, whether I use magic lantern or just the canon software to make them, are 1920 X 1088. So, it is not too far off that the RAW recordings might be this same size? Are 5D MK3 H.264 video files not normally 1088?

  • Hi Dave
    Great video with ML installation, thanks!
    Can I ask why you simply aren’t doing more of this in ACR or LR etc. Why not make the large adjustments in earlier before you get to AE of PP? Then you can fine tune afterwards. For my still work I get things 80-90% of the way in LR then usually make final tweaks in PS as I work my way through my re-touching. I expect to do much the same with my ML video work ( as opposed to what I’ll still shoot in h.264)

  • Hi Dave,

    Just as Peter wrote about the “White Balance Tool” in Adobe Camera RAW. Just click on the grey part on the card (yes, the grey) to set the correct white balance

    You can even use the grey card to white balance your camera with it. In Magic Lantern, instead of dial in the right kelvin temp. just press the Q button ( on T2i) and in the sub menu choose, I think is called “auto adjust”.

  • Hey Dave, Thanks a lot you’re great, we really love your videos,
    -I’m just wondering if you can do a tutorial about synchronizing the audio with the RAW video, I’m confused about this point.
    -Did you do a test about the maximum duration of recording on the 5D mark III in RAW mode.
    -How does you monster computer work with the DNG files?

  • @Roch I have not done it but I would guess a long time until the card runs out of space. The longest I have done it for is about 6 minutes.

  • Another trick is to decompress RAW to DNG after that use the Ginger HDR plugin to Warp your DNG files in GNR format (it’s very fast took few seconds) after that import them into premiere do your edit and send your timeline to After Effects, after that re-link your files in AR with the DNG files (you must do this manually 🙁 ) …and now you have your DNG files edited in AE and you can do you CC with ACR …

    notice that when you relink your files in AE you must set the correct frame rate for importing image sequence to the right frame rate (you can automate that in the preference settings in AE I think)