Quick comparison between raw vs compressed H.264.

Quick comparison between raw vs compressed H.264 on my Canon 5D Mark III.

I am mostly testing out the white balance first to get that right before I start doing tests outside.

I will try to do a video on my workflow for post processing the raw video in the future.

The only thing I processed for the raw video was White Balance and a little bit of sharpening.

Contrast Surprise

I noticed that the raw had a little more contrast than the H.264 version (that was surprising) so I added just a hint of contrast to the H.264 to help even out the comparison because for this test I mainly wanted to test for detail only and not other items like dynamic range.

How Do You Set WB When Shooting Raw?

So is there a way to not have raw video default to 6200 Kelvin and a +66 tint? I bet there is a menu item I have missed within the Magic Lantern menus that will allow for WB changes to be transferred to programs like Adobe Camera Raw to it remembers how I shot it.

Comparing Magic Lantern Raw vs H.264 on My Canon 5D Mark III


  • Wether you do auto white balance or true grading, there is no advantage of doing it in camera, on the contrary, Instead of loosing your time on the set, you do it in post.

    Maybe it was done on purpose so that when your footage looks pink, you know you forgot to grade 😉

  • Hi Dave,
    I started as local videographer in Crested Butte (and also bought your tutorials for T4i 🙂
    I wonder what is the size let say 1 minute of raw video? Is the memory card sufficient, or do you record externally?

  • @Duvrai I didn’t do a great job with the white balance on the raw, I could have spent more time on it. Next time.

    @Pavol I video above for raw was 14GB.

  • So if I Install Magic Lantern on my 5D MkIII I can still Shoot like normal and Shoot with Magic Lantern? And is it difficult to Uninstall if needed?

  • @Nate you can also hold down the “set” button during start-up and it will bypass the Magic Lantern firmware and just load the Canon firmware.

  • Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the in depth tutorials.
    Do you have any idea of how many minutes of footage you can record on a 64 gig card.



  • Hi Dave,
    You’re just the best for doing all this RAW pioneering. Many “expert” are offering advice but no one yet is as good as your sane and thorough approach. Sebastian on cinema5D has a nice “Simple Post Workflow” (http://www.cinema5d.com/?p=18065) which didn’t work for me. I couldn’t get Photoshop to accept the dng files that came out of RAW2dng conversion process. Could you put online (for download) a couple of the RAW video files you shot. I used Luke Neumann’s and they didn’t work. Also, I’d love for somebody to walk it through on a Mac going into Premiere. I’d like to have Magic Lantern to do a How To video. Maybe they don’t because it’s just too buggy for a smooth workflow. Was the workflow you did so exasperating that you wouldn’t do it again until it really gets smoothed out by ML.

  • @Flecther thanks for the kind words. I do have some raw and h.264 files available for download I just have not shared them yet because I am still working on them myself. Big learning curve for me.