Manfrotto Fig Rig Review

A lot better than handheld, but not as smooth as a “glidecam” device.


A lot better than walking handheld, but not as smooth as a “glidecam” device.

Quick review since I have to send the Manfrotto 595B Fig Rig back, since I did not do a very thorough review with lots of test footage I am placing this on my 2nd YouTube video channel.

  • Works great for action videos
  • It is easy to set up
  • It is easy to learn compare to a glidecam
  • It costs too much
  • It looks silly
  • Doesn’t work well circling an object when you are crossing your legs as you circle (glidecam devices can do this much better)
  • Doesn’t travel well since you can’t break it apart.
  • Works well for both the Rebel or 5D3 cameras.
  • I like to use it with a wide angle lens
  • Works well with image stabilization turned on
  • You can’t focus with it unless you rig something up for that

I am not buying it since it is too much money, I own a lot of Manfrotto gear and I love the company but this is just too much for me.
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Manfrotto 595B Fig Rig