Manfrotto Fluid Head Comparison

I decided to compare three Manfrotto heads in a similar price range.


I picked up the Induro tripod because I needed another one for interviews and got tired of using my old cheap tripods with no plate system, but since I got the new tripod I needed another fluid head so I decided to compare three Manfrotto heads in a similar price range.

Why Manfrotto? Because I am already bought into their plate system (501PL), no sense going with other fluid head with a different plate system.

Why not a Vinten, Sachtler, Miller? They are totally out of my price range!

Can They All Do A Good Job?

I think they can all do a good job, but that comes with practice. I have had the Fancier for 3 years and I can get some great results with it since I have a lot of experience with it. I think any of these will also give you great results if you spend sometime with them.

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So Which One Did I Actually Buy?

Since the Francier with it’s built-in drag works well with long lenses zoomed in but is pretty heavy and can’t do a whip pan to save it’s life, I went with the Manfrotto 701HDV (has been replace with the Manfrotto MVH500AH) because of two reasons; the 701 is very light which works great with my new light weight Induro tripod for traveling, and the second reason is it works fine for wide angle shots that require fast movement.

So I will be using the Francier for the heavy long lenses and using the light weight 701 for when I am shooting wide and need to pan quickly. I know over time I will get good with the 701 as I get more practice.

Fluid Head Shootout

Where I did my Fluid head shootout

Manfrotto Fluid Head Comparison

HDR Near Where I Live

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