I really like how Mark does his show and thought I would emulate his show and turn the tables on him.

I’m a big fan of AdormaTV after finding Mark Wallace months ago. I really like how Mark does his “one-on-one” series and thought I would emulate his show and turn the tables on him.

Even though Mark normally talks about photography in his show I have found that I have learned a lot about DSLR video from him as well. Also his videos are of a very high quality.

This interview is a bit longer than my normal video but I figure most of you are on vacation or goofing off at work this week over the holidays – so enjoy.

Mark’s SnapFactory YouTube channel. (This has all his videos)

Mark’s Twitter Account. His Studio Lighting DVD.

Special thanks to SnapFactory and NEMAPhotography.net for permission to use their photos in this video.

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Questions I Asked Mark Wallace

  1. Mark how did you get started in photography and are you starting to shoot video lately with the DSLR’s?
  2. I really need help in buying some better lights for my video studio in my basement, can you help me pick out some out? I am looking softboxes that are not too expensive but are easy to setup and take down and that can work well in mixed lighting situations. Do you have any recommendations?
  3. What type of camera do you use to shoot your episodes of AdoramaTV?
  4. After I watched your video on the Digital Calibration Target I purchased one from Adorama and I have been using it with my DSLR to help me get the perfect exposure for my videos. But in my non linear editor when I try to maximize the contrast in my videos, I am not getting the same result as you did with the tree example you showed, do you have any tricks I can try to help me out?
  5. I am quickly learning how important fast glass is when shooting video with my T2i. I am looking for a Canon wide angle lens below 28mm that is fast but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, do you have any suggestions for me?

How Did I Make This Video?

Some people are asking how I created this video interview, nope it was not Skype. To best explain it watch how Mark does it because I just copied his idea.


  • Dave, Great video! Lots of good info on the differences of pro camera’s vs dslr’s.

    I think the Tokina 2.8 11-16 is a great lens thats fast and wide for crop sensor cameras like ours. Its under $600.00 new and about $500.00 used.

    A very inexpensive soft light is the china ball. I use 30-50 inch paper china balls with multiple bulbs inside for the softest fill light. You can find them at costplus. I take clip lights from home depot and discard the metal shield and use the socket and cord with 200 watt bulbs. Home Depot also sells huge 3200 compact fluorescent bulbs for low heat. Make sure the ball is hanging straight down so the bulbs are in the center not touching the paper. I hope this helps

  • Dave Nice interview, Mike is a very interesting photographer.
    I also own Panasonic cameras with wave monitor and is fantastic, however don’t forget that DSLR
    have a lot more dynamic range, like 4 more stops which is more forgiven.
    For long recording,sure the traditional camcorder is better, but things just started changing in every ways with new Panasonic GH2, she can record up to 70 minutes or something like that. I hope Canon will come out with something like that soon, in particular without Moire like the GH2.
    Lowel DP is a great inexpensive lighting, with lite panels from Photoflex, because as Mike said Lightboxes really get hot.

  • I’m a professional location sound mixer by trade and have found your site very helpful as a casual/amateur DSLR user, so thanks for that. I was curious how you conducted your interview. Did you have a live setup in real-time with Mark, or did you pre-record and send it over to him? I’m leaning towards the first option, but that’s all a big part of what you’re doing as well and I’m not sure people realize that. If so, kudos for editing out any talkover audio from the computer.