Conversation with Matt.

I have been follow Matt Granger for a couple of years now and was a co-host with him on This Week in Photo as well last year. Matt wanted to have a conversation about video editing and computers before Christmas, so we got together on Skype and talked. The conversation is over 45 minutes long, so I chopped it down to the parts that you guys might be interested in, if you want to see the full 45 minutes check out Matt’s video.

Sorry for some reason Matt’s audio is not the best, but you can understand what he is saying.

If you have not heard of Matt before check out his YouTube channel he does some great lens and camera comparisons.


  • Really want to hear what your experience with Mac is too. I am soon going to invest in a new machine and have only done PCs for 20+ years but the iMac is looking very interesting.

  • Congrats on your iMac purchase. I switched over from PC based Premeire to FCP Express and then FCP7 several years ago. I tested FCPX when it first came out and it wasn’t bad. I haven’t moved over to FCPX, but I’m thinking of moving over in the near future.

  • I imagine that if you did a FCPX video, even just a “main points” one I could learn a lot with your no-nonsense approach.

    I have bought Larry Jordans FCPX tutorials and they are good, but very in depth and I find I forget simple things and it takes awhile to refer back to his video or find the right area. Especially how to fiddle with raising and lowering audio from a video. It was so easy in iMovie and get confused on it in FCPX but I know it is me.

    Anyway, that would be cool.

  • Dave, well done with the new Mac (once you go Mac you never go back), be interesting to see if your wife gets to use it once you start playing with it. I use Macs and have done for 10 years.. I went from FCP7 to FCPX and then to Prem Pro 6.5 now CC. I use both platforms depending on the job and how I feel? I look forward to seeing how they work on the new Mac Pro.

  • as far as moving from FC 7 to PPro, PPro does have the option of loading Final Cut 7 keyboard shortcuts which could make the transition easier

  • I was an early adopter of FCP X and have been really enjoying the program on my 2012 27 in iMac(3.4 Ghz fusion drive 16 gigs ram).

    I edit about 5-8 projects a month here in the Bay Area for a busy production company and pretty much everything is shot on RED. I get real time playback on my iMac and won’t even create proxies if the project is on a really tight deadline, but usually do create proxies as in FCP X it’s really easy to switch back and fourth.

    I agree with you Dave in regards to AE, PP is def. seamless if you are both doing AE and editing. Me personally I don’t use AE, but I do give XML’s from FCP X to our motion graphic team which has worked fine.

    Big thing for me with FCP X is speed, it is really fast in all aspects, importing, rendering, exporting. I find myself editing 2-3 projects at the same time for different directors/producers which is not ideal but with the speed of FCP X it’s dueable.

    The third party plugins that developers have been creating are also really cool.

  • Dave, your SSDs are on sata ports, Mac Pro’s are PCE SSDs. Much faster.

    Adobe will “optimize” Premiere for the new Mac Pro. It is only about OpenCL integration with the FirePros from the Mac. Nothing special, Premiere suports OpenCL from CS6.

    The ONLY pro for the mac platform is the ProRes codec. On the PC side you have Avid DNxHD. Same quality / data rates.

    I was a PC user long time, for 2 years now I work on iMac, but i will never buy a mac again. Never. Premiere and Aftar Effects on OSX are full of bugs. On PC side are rocksolid.