3 cables tested

I have been work hard on my GH4 course for the past couple of weeks, I ran into an issue while recording from the HDMI output, so I started to review more HDMI cables. In this video test you will see that the most expensive is not always the best.

  1. Pearstone HDMI cable Cleanest for both the Sony a7S and GH4
  2. Ikan HDMI cable Noisy audio and white dots with GH4, clean with a7S
  3. Atomos HDMI cable Few red dots with GH4, clean with a7S

Atomos Shogun – HDMI 4K recorder and monitor

Note: I have had two different GH4 cameras and both had an issue with the Ikan HDMI cable. I have also used two different Ikan cables as well. I repeated this test many times with the same results. Also I was seeing the same thing on the Ikan monitor compared to the recordings.

I own another Pearstone cable (HDMI mini) and it works fine too.


I got this from the Atomos team from a trouble ticket I started:

Hi Dave,

With HDMI there shouldn’t be any degradation in quality since it’s a digital signal.

Either the entire signal should be transmitted accurately, or it should not be transmitting at all.

I’m also attaching our development team on this to see if they have any additional insights.



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  • Hey Dave,

    Any estimate about the release date of your GH4 course ? I can’t wait to buy it. Your T4i tutorial was great for me.


  • I can’t wait for the GH4 Tutorial to come out 🙂 I have had the camera for over a month and I mainly shoot with C100s. I have seen what this camera can do just need to learn the ins and outs.

  • Thanks Dave.
    Question on the GH4: do you know how to control the shutter speed in Manual Video mode ? I only have access to aperture and ISO and I don’t see the shutter speed setting anywhere…


  • As always, awesome videos, thank you.

    A little off topic about the BEAST computer. I’m building a similar pc, but with the 5820k The guy in the 3 videos explain almost every important detail about build pcs, but i have two questions.

    – What amount of minimum space must have the scratch disk?

    – can I use a pcie x1 on pcie x16 slot? Fot example the blackmagic record/monitor pcie.


  • Instead of trying to attach to the GH4’s silly micro HDMI and hope the cable doesn’t get moved in the slightest and either 1) mess up the signal or 2) get yanked and wreck the socket on the camera requiring expensive and time consuming repair, I built a bracket that attaches to the bottom of the GH4 and holds a 90-degree micro-to-normal HDMI adapter securely in place. The adapter is http://amzn.to/2lWT9rE
    2 for $3. I’d post a picture of the bracket but don’t know how.

    Now I can use regular full-sized HDMI cables that are plentiful and come in many lengths and flexibilities.

    One of my favorite HDMI cables is the 6′ ultra thin and very flexible HDMI http://amzn.to/2lTOIQa

    It’s so thin you can tie it in a knot.