This is a non-review of Mike Kelley's course.

Mike Kelley let me watch his Fstopper’s course for free, since I can’t return the course like I would a camera from B&H, I need to disclose that I got it for free.

This is a non-review (I hate when people think I am selling out).  I do not say if I liked the course or not, rather I show you some of the methods I learned. I don’t want to say because this is not a review, I just want to remain neutral since I got this course for free.

Note: I am not using everything I learned from Mike’s course in this video, this video is not an indication of what you might be able to do after watching it.

There is also an update on my Sony a7S and GH4 comparison review at the beginning.

If you are interested in this condo, you can find it on VRBO. It is a really nice condo for both summer and ski season!

Yongnuo YN560-III are the flashes that I use.

Yongnuo YN560-III
Yongnuo YN560-III

Another version I did the evening before

I wanted to another version that was tighter in composition and used the light to block the view of the other building.


Other Images from this shoot



  • Very nice Dave. I like the sky add in at the end. always learn or get a new perspective from your videos. Thank you.

  • Nice location and tutorial Dave.

    My lighting setup for that room would have been:

    Two flashes on each lightstand aimed backwards at the junction of the ceiling and wall – you can go lower power on the flashes for faster recharges / less hotspots and th ability to go nuclear if needed

    One flash on a lightstand in the gallery aimed at the juntion of wall and celing

    One flash (set to quite low power) on the floor in front of the couch (would light the fireplace and chair in the corner)

    One flash hand-held above my head for darker spots that need a little fill

    I might end up blending three layers for the finished product, and going nuclear on gallery shots with the double-speedlights outside can result in one-shot exterior photos

    Not knocking your approach at all, everyone has their own methods and the end result is excellent

  • Good news! My new Youngnuo flash and transmitter DO WORK with the GH4…. here is what I found…

    #1- VERY IMPORTANT – had to take camera out of silent mode by turning silent mode OFF (This is third menu with wrench & “C” – second down) … then to get rid of annoying beep turn beep off in other custom function area…for some reason this silent mode turns flash to OFF. To turn beep OFF but keep flash working you must go to 4th menu with just Wrench titled “Setup” then under page one, see the area titled “Beep” – turn this OFF. (NOTE – while there you can turn your E-shutter volume up some, I did)

    #2- I have the YN560-III which I think is there newest one and it has a built in receiver for transmitter, also use their battery pack.

    #3- Had to push Transmitter ALL THE WAY ON to hot shoe. I looked right at it and it fooled me into thinking it was on but needed extra push till back of transmitter shoe was flush with hotshot.

    #4- I am using the RF-603CII transmitter

    #5- When placing the flash directly to the GH4 you can NOT have it set to “receive transmitter signal mode” – (it looks like a little burst signal next to the flash and is last one on right top of display – must be on top left – first graphic)

    Please let me know this was helpful. You have been so helpful to me.

  • Selling the 5dmark3. Do that mean your go to camera is the a7s (since you shot this on it), or the gh4? I realize the a7s review is forthcoming but could you hint as to what your choice is for video sans the 5dmk3?

  • That was awesome work. Now to get a photo program. I don’t have either Photoshop or Lightroom.

    Im going to have to try that. Always learning.

    A7R is my camera.

    Pete 🙂

  • Dave I bought a A7s and was going to get the yongnuo YN560 III I herd you say that your yongnuo dont work with the two cameras you are reviewing would that be the Sony A7s????

  • @Dave, @Garrett

    I have a Sony A7s and I am using 3 Yongnuo YN 560 III, and the YN560-TX. I haven’t had any problems with the combo

  • Nice overview Dave. I’ve always struggled with interiors, just shooting in my own home. Love the flash setup you have.