Quick mountain biking video.

I had fun mountain biking before the Super Bowl yesterday with my friend David Besnette.

Just a quick video on a couple of things I learned.

In this post I mentioned the GoPro Chesty.

We biked on the “Doudy Draw’ trail south of Boulder.

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GoPro Car Mount

GoPro HERO3 Mountain Bike Ride

Our Route Doudy Draw
Our Route Doudy Draw

Quick GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Test

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GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
GoPro Hero3 Black Edition


  • Hey Dave,

    great video as always 🙂 I had to laugh because i ran in exactly the same problem as you did: “Why the hell are these screws to small for the housing?”

    That’s because you used the wrong one 😉 There should be two different kind of screws. One smaller to connect all the mounting tools (e.g. connecting the Pivotarm onto the suction cup) and one larger screw which should be used to connect the housing to the mounting option 😉

    Hope that helps 🙂


  • Great job Dave, heck of a first attempt at a video. FYI, when mounting it upside down on the the chesty (or anywhere for that matter) you can simply go in the settings of the camera and have it film the upside down footage, right side up. It’s all built into the firmware.

  • Hi Dave,
    for ‘up-side-down’ filming, you can also leave it as it is, and use the Cineform studio application of the GoPro site to flip the video upside down. Real easy program and then you dont have to bother to flip it upside down in the gopro itself.

  • Dave, turned out great – I especially liked the backwards view shots and the random people and doggies quickly going by. I think the GoPro would give you more verstility in angles (esp. on the seat post) if the head could be turned 360…
    Thanks for letting me tag along. Great ride!

  • Hi Dave,

    Just wondering if you’ve experienced any freezing on your Hero 3. I’m so close to buying one myself, but the negative reviews on sites like amazon etc are scaring me off 😉



  • Dave,

    How do you know if it is frozen while using it? That would not be good to have the camera freeze during a critical time, and then not know it was frozen.

  • I spent hours of testing and reinstallation my firmware trying to get my GoPro Black edition to not freeze. I even exchanged my first GoPro 3 for a new one at my local Best Buy electronics. I fired up the new one and bam, same freezing issue. It turned out it wasn’t my GoPro camera but my 16 gig SanDisk micro SDHC card. I hadn’t even suspected it because it was featured on the GoPro display in the store and I had formatted it in camera before using.

    I was able to pretty much eliminate it completely by

    1. formatting my MicroSD as exFat32 with disc utilities on the Mac (not sure how to do this on PC but should be a simple task) formatting in camera will not resolve the problem.

    2. manually installing the firmware update (you should only need to do this once, after that just format new cards before you use them and you shouldn’t have the freezing issue. anymore)

    I bought another SanDisk micro SDHC card, 32 gig this time and experienced the same freezing issue before I formatted as exFat 32.

    My GoPro 3 has been humming along almost flawlessly for the past 2 weeks.

  • There are 2 kind of screws, I did the same mistake at first. One long screw to attach the camera, all others are short. Find the long one in the set.


  • As you get more time with the gopro you’ll learn to line it up better just by sighting it in and not rely so much on the video monitor.

    I found that turning off that preview monitor after you get the setup will save battery life. I’m pretty sure shooting 60fps eats more battery as well.

    Fun video! Lookin forward to see how you use this camera.

  • @Beene thanks I will have to try reformatting the SanDisk 32G card I have.

    @Dave Knop thanks for the tip!

    Thanks for everyone that told me about the longer screw.