A failed and incomplete tutorial. But hey that's OK, happy Father's Day!

I got to head up into the mountains this morning for a Father’s Day hike. Usually I go biking with my friend Dave on father’s day but he was sick today, so instead of a full on hike, I did a short one about a mile away from the car.

But the clouds came in and I had to leave before I could finish the tutorial. I planned on mostly just kicking back and taking it easy at Walker Ranch but I had to hike back to the car early because of the rain.


My Backpack not designed for camera stuff

Walker Ranch Water Fall slow shutter


  • Dave,
    I noticed the long exposure of the stream has a blue cast to it. Is that due toy he ND filter? I just purchased some Cokin ND filters and haven’t gotten a chance to use them yet.

    Looks like your Jansport backpack has been good to you. I’ve been looking at the Lowepro backpacks, but I can’t decide what size to get.

    I love the people asking you if you are going fishing. Very funny.

  • I liked the funny side of this one, even if you didn’t get what you came for – part of the hobby, I guess.

    Also, interesting color processing on the backpack picture, I like the vignette and high local contrast. Has a definite “woods and mountains” feel to me.

  • Dave,
    Thank you for helping me get the more out of my T2i. Watching the videos have opened up a ton of new ideas.

    I recently installed the Magic Lantern Firmware and the HDR bracketing is an unbelievable new feature.

    Thanks again!

  • I am waiting for my 550D to arrive, very tempted by the magic lantern software. Would you recommend it for a newbie to dslr photography or is it best to get used to the default software that canon provides first? Love the effect you got on the backpack shot.

  • Nice try and I loved the effects the filters gave the photos, but I was wondering what brand they were and if you could point me to them. Thanks and keep up the good work!