ProGrade Digital Dual-Slot UHS-II SDXC USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C Card Reader

  • I’ve had the Kingston USB 3.0 High-Speed Media Reader for so long I can’t remember what I used before that. Coming in at only $18 it has served me well until recently. It has been a Top Seller on B&H for years so I know many of you have it.
  • The newer SD cards I use now have two rows of pins for increased speed, recently one of my SanDisk cards had one of the thin plastic separators on the back fall off, I didn’t think to much of it until I noticed that my Sony a7Riii would not allow the card to seat all the way in the camera. The cards I use cost way more than the Kingston reader. I noticed that when I insert the cards in the reader it feels a bit rough. I had a friend come over and give me some drone footage and his SD card also had a plastic piece come off. Now I was thinking it was my card reader ruining cards.
  • So I replaced it with a reader that is 4 times the cost. The speed of off loading my cards is the same, however when I insert the cards in the new ProGrade Reader it feels much smoother.
  • Besides not ruining my expensive cards, I was willing to pay more for the following reasons. The biggest is I can off load two SD cards at the same fast speed at the same time. The Kingston showed up as 4 drives on my Windows computer while the Prograde only shows up as one which is less confusing. Also it has a nice magnet on the bottom so I don’t have to Velcro it in to place. And the last reason is when using the fast cards with two rows of pins about 20% of the time when I would insert the card it wouldn’t blaze at 250MB/s it would be cut to 45MB/s because I think only one row was making contact.


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