• Panasonic PT-VZ580U is a #1 seller on B&H, maybe because of it high light output. If you read from the reviews many have stepped up from a 3000 to this 5000 output projector and have really enjoyed the extra light.
  • So instead of giving this a review (I am not an expert on projectors), perhaps I could be more helpful showing you what settings I have changed and why. I have spent a lot of time in the settings trying to get the best picture out of it.
  • Before we start getting into the projector I want to make one suggestion on what you feed in to it. If you are Windows user I would suggest not using the free VLC player it screws up the colors. I tried several other players and the one that match my calibrated monitor was just the default “Movies and TV” app. I have been rendering my videos out to h265 lately.
  • My use case is to project an image to a large outdoor screen about 15 minutes after sunset. I am also at 5,800 feet elevation which actually makes it a little harder on me to keep the projector from overheating when it could be 85 degrees at that time of night.

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