Cool Stuff Dave Saw at NAB 2012

Things I saw, and people I met.


I was kicking myself for not attending last years NAB, and since I’m only about an hour flight from Vegas I finally decided to get out there this year. Oh by the way all the b-roll footage you are going to see in this video was shot on my iPhone with an app called FILMic Pro, this shoot was recorded at 1 frame per second then I sped it up in post, pretty cool. Sorry in advance for the handheld shaky shots.

So when I got there the cab driver told me it is the second largest show at around 100k people, and I can believe it, it was a massive show!

The first day of the show I sat in on a color grading class which packed with great info. While sitting in the class in the morning I checked my Twitter account and it was blowing up with news of a new camera from Black Magic Designs called the Cinema Camera. I was like what, this came out of nowhere, a camera that shoots raw, has 13 stops of dynamic range for less than $3k and they throw DaVinci Resolve in it for free. Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central was sitting next to me in the class and I showed him the tweets and he said something like, “Game Changer”.

During the class I was thinking to myself, if this camera produces absolutely stunning images and I end up buying one, oops, my domain name might not be so current anymore. But then I was thinking, I will always have a DSLR because I love to take photos as well as shoot video and I hate carrying two cameras, that’s one of the main reasons I got a DSLR to begin with. And I have a feeling this camera is not going to be the night time vampire that the Canon 5D Mark III is. But I am on the waiting list to get one at the end of July.

Once I got on the show floor the next day I was easily distracted by all the shinny objects, some very distracting, oh so distracting, and some items I just could never afford but had to just play with, and some were just a bit strange.

Thanks to the many people that introduce themselves that visit my site that was awesome, and I got to meet or see a ton of people that I think are the rock stars of our industry, like Freddie Wong and Brandon, Vincent LaForet, Rodney Charters, Philip Bloom, Jay P MorganTom Guilmette, and of course one of my all time favorites Andrew Kramer the crowds and applause for Andrew were bigger and louder then anyone else, man that guy has quite the following. And so many more like Leo Laporte, Patrick Moreau, Olivia Speranza, Emm C., Tony Reale, Planet Mitch, Barry Andersson, Jem Schofield, Robbie Carman, Blake Whitman, Joe Marine from NoFilmSchool. Gosh it seemed like everyone was here.

I got to look around for things in my price range like wireless mic systems, portable monitors that are affordable which I found a few I want to test, large LED lights, the fig rig that Freddie Wong likes – I’ll have to test that one. I got to get personal presentation on the new Speed Grade that will be bundled with Premiere CS6 which looks nice but it’s not that well integrated in to Premiere just yet. And one of the bigger ticket items reference monitor, like the DreamColor by HP which is around $2,500 and the Dell U3011 which is around $1,200, I don’t want to skimp on this one, if anyone has other suggestions for me on a really good reference monitor please let me know. Right now the Samsung that I currently use does not show shadow details very well.

Probably one of the coolest things I saw was the SmallHD HDMI cord holder, others have tried to do this but this is the first design I have liked. I also had people walking up to me showing me gear that wasn’t in a booth like this cool slider that is coming out soon at a great price.

But most of all, the best part was meeting everyone.

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