Things I saw, and people I met.

I was kicking myself for not attending last years NAB, and since I’m only about an hour flight from Vegas I finally decided to get out there this year. Oh by the way all the b-roll footage you are going to see in this video was shot on my iPhone with an app called FILMic Pro, this shoot was recorded at 1 frame per second then I sped it up in post, pretty cool. Sorry in advance for the handheld shaky shots.

So when I got there the cab driver told me it is the second largest show at around 100k people, and I can believe it, it was a massive show!

The first day of the show I sat in on a color grading class which packed with great info. While sitting in the class in the morning I checked my Twitter account and it was blowing up with news of a new camera from Black Magic Designs called the Cinema Camera. I was like what, this came out of nowhere, a camera that shoots raw, has 13 stops of dynamic range for less than $3k and they throw DaVinci Resolve in it for free. Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central was sitting next to me in the class and I showed him the tweets and he said something like, “Game Changer”.

During the class I was thinking to myself, if this camera produces absolutely stunning images and I end up buying one, oops, my domain name might not be so current anymore. But then I was thinking, I will always have a DSLR because I love to take photos as well as shoot video and I hate carrying two cameras, that’s one of the main reasons I got a DSLR to begin with. And I have a feeling this camera is not going to be the night time vampire that the Canon 5D Mark III is. But I am on the waiting list to get one at the end of July.

Once I got on the show floor the next day I was easily distracted by all the shinny objects, some very distracting, oh so distracting, and some items I just could never afford but had to just play with, and some were just a bit strange.

Thanks to the many people that introduce themselves that visit my site that was awesome, and I got to meet or see a ton of people that I think are the rock stars of our industry, like Freddie Wong and Brandon, Vincent LaForet, Rodney Charters, Philip Bloom, Jay P MorganTom Guilmette, and of course one of my all time favorites Andrew Kramer the crowds and applause for Andrew were bigger and louder then anyone else, man that guy has quite the following. And so many more like Leo Laporte, Patrick Moreau, Olivia Speranza, Emm C., Tony Reale, Planet Mitch, Barry Andersson, Jem Schofield, Robbie Carman, Blake Whitman, Joe Marine from NoFilmSchool. Gosh it seemed like everyone was here.

I got to look around for things in my price range like wireless mic systems, portable monitors that are affordable which I found a few I want to test, large LED lights, the fig rig that Freddie Wong likes – I’ll have to test that one. I got to get personal presentation on the new Speed Grade that will be bundled with Premiere CS6 which looks nice but it’s not that well integrated in to Premiere just yet. And one of the bigger ticket items reference monitor, like the DreamColor by HP which is around $2,500 and the Dell U3011 which is around $1,200, I don’t want to skimp on this one, if anyone has other suggestions for me on a really good reference monitor please let me know. Right now the Samsung that I currently use does not show shadow details very well.

Probably one of the coolest things I saw was the SmallHD HDMI cord holder, others have tried to do this but this is the first design I have liked. I also had people walking up to me showing me gear that wasn’t in a booth like this cool slider that is coming out soon at a great price.

But most of all, the best part was meeting everyone.

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  • Glad you had fun Dave. I like your video because it show a side of NAB that we don’t usually see. Great job. And did you get a chance to see my Filmic Pro tutorial. It is a great app for the iPhone. Glad it worked for you.

  • Forgot to say about the new Black magic cam. Im not sure it would fit in my work flow. Being that you need to get expensive SSD drives.And the clients I work with never ask for anything better then what DSLR,s produce.

  • Bmc pre-Order I did for the cam I is saw in person before when I was meeting my friend stanley that works for black magic , have have all the there stuff I really love there hyper deck it’s been really great tool for my slr shooting with my rig

  • Again things for some great Information. Do not laugh at me; I have never heard of NAB, How crazy is that? Man you are truly worth following.

    The question I have about the “BLACK MAGIC CAMERA”, is it close to a film look camera? How much of a difference is is from the Canon 5D or Nikon D4? I like the price on the camera though.

  • Im sure the BM camera will look super nice but just cant justify spending $250 dollars on an SSD drive just to have 30 minutes of video. One thing cool is you can record in other formats than Raw I beleive. If clients start to ask for RAW and willing to pay then I will get one for sure.

  • @ Aron, I’m with you on that. I go thru like 4 SD CARDS with my Canon 60D when shooting weddings and those cards are 32 gigs.

  • Yes Lunerversal I go through about 6 or 7 16gig cards in a day The camera is great for bigger budget projects. I think its the cheaper price that got the casual pro people or hobbyist excited but they dont think about the Storage price.

  • Nice coverage of NAB!

    A few months ago I invested in a color accurate monitor after doing alot of research.

    I ended up getting the NEC MultiSync PA241W and I really see a difference in accuracy!

    I never thought I’d go with NEC, but they were more in my price range compared to LaCie which was the other brand I was comparing too, and it had great specs and reviews.

    One of the benefits with either brand is they come with a color calibration camera that goes on the front of the monitor and looks at the ambient light in the room and makes the adjustments automatically. You can buy 3rd party calibrators like the ones Pantone makes, but I heard it’s better to get one that’s made specifically for that monitor.

    Hope this helps, big fan of your site!

  • @John & @Arron The BMC is great and at the price, SSD wise, that a gimmic if you can get 444 in pro-ress then with worth it.
    most SLR Shooter’s then to over shoot all the time, SSD $ have drooped ezample
    Mushkin Enhanced Chronos MKNSSDCR480GB-DX 2.5″ 480GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

    know factor the qulity i always bill my client’s for storage

    per job

    I been all ssd for the last 5yrs and haveing
    that 7200 rpm 1tb cheap I can Raid them

    and yes I shoot alot and have huge them
    that shoot for every day and it save time editing battery work flows etc. Time is money

    I use SSD Hyper deck Shuttle 100%

  • If that blackmagic camera does and have all they claim, thanks God I Cancelled the order on the markIII, that cinema cam will be a game changer, the best new thing after the markII and best of all a really Kick on the … to Canon,Red,Nikon,Pan,etc and their ridiculous prices.

  • @ Roberto, Correct me if I’m wrong doesn’t the red shoots at 5k Resolution. I think this camera shoots at 2.5k or something. Which would mean the red would still have better quality. One camera I would really like to get my hands on also is: Sony NEX-FS700, Shoots at 960 frame per seconds,

  • @ John-Mark, You are absolutely right. I’ve done some music video on my Canon 60D and people are amazed and they’ll ask me what camera I’m using. So I do completely understand where you are coming from. I’ve never work with a red epic or the black magic I would really like to see the quality to see the major difference.

  • I wouldn’t turn down an offer to use either camera. Who would?
    I just haven’t reached a quality level (this is just my hobby, not job) that I can justify buying one.

    Plus being in college I don’t have $5-6k laying around.

    I checked out that link that you posted on the Sony. 960fps. That’s awesome!

  • Dave you do a great job creating video no matter what device you are using. Have you ever consider making your site mobile device friendly?

  • Hey Dave, you spelled Robbie Carman’s name wrong! He’s a nice guy so I’m sure he won’t be too mad, though.

  • @DC_Reels I corrected it in the blog post but not the video. Robbie if you are reading this, sorry!

    I’m guessing you live close to Robbie?

  • Hi Dave,
    Love following your site and posts.
    A recommendation on a monitor,
    I own a EIZO S2433W.
    A great monitor with a good colorrepresentation and looking angle.
    Hardly need to color calibrate it.
    About 700 euro ($ 1000)

    Also have a look at my videopage. I’ve build a very lightweight motorised camera slider.

    Good luck

  • @Dave. thanks! Will tell them! was looking thru their site but they have a gazillion songs so I couldnt find this track!

  • Great review on the NAB! Seemed like you had fun! Now I feel like kicking myself in the foot if I miss the next one.. Anyway, the Dreamcolor HP 24 has to be one of the most recommended monitor nowadays. I myself recommend it, I use it at my work place. It’s really good value for its money. I think you should invest in one and see for yourself. 😉

  • Thanks for the review. What was the name/manufacturer of the DSLR side mount cord holder?

  • On monitors, make sure you understand the ins and outs of color calibration h*ll, it gets complicated pretty quickly. sRGB, AdobeRGB, Extended gamut monitors, Monitor profiles, “Color Aware” applications. Which browsers work right, and which ones don’t.

    I use the NEC PA241, and NEC LCD3090 with SpectraView color calibration. An important technical difference here is NEC stores the color calibration in the monitor (3D LUT) vs. a standard monitor color profile which in theory will produce the best results.

    If you don’t have two monitors, then this is a highly recommended upgrade. Once you start working on a dual monitor system, you will never go back.

    Getting two monitors to match is a lot harder than you would think. Using 3rd party calibrators with monitors from different vendors just doesn’t seem to work well in my experience. So it is best to get either matching monitors, or from the same vendor / product line. The two NEC’s I have match pretty well.

    After all the suffering and trauma of getting the cal right, it really isn’t that big of a deal IMO. Knowing my monitors are accurate is just something I don’t need to worry about any more, but I can’t say it’s a huge improvement over just eyeballing it with a color chart.

    I have owned Dell’s, Samsungs, and NEC’s. They are all good products. The NEC’s still use a fluorescent backlight instead of LED, and this is supposed to provide better accuracy / uniformity.

    I bought my daughters Dell laptops with RGB-LED displays which use similar technology as the HP DreamColor displays. They are stellar, but aren’t matte unfortunately.

    What I’d really like to see is a desktop display with much higher pixel density similar to the iPad 3, although that isn’t in the cards for a while I think due to limitations in Windows.

  • Hey Dave,

    Are you going to teach us what you learned from the color correction class you took at NAB? Please do!

  • Loving your you tube videos. Unfortunately many things here in South africa are just out of our reach. We have to Multiply your $ price by 9 plus add shipping and customs and tax. It makes it really expensive for us here. So your site has been a great help in finding the right gear at the right price.