Not predictions

Things I (and my twitter followers) wish for at NAB 2017 which is about a week away.


  • Very much agree with the Adobe note on color, would be great to see the lumetri panel expanded! Also, stability improvements would be nice, a better round trip function with the other apps would be a plus

  • I would like to see….

    Black Magic pocket camera mkii
    Black Magic 10 bit Grading panel
    Black Magic Client Viewing monitor

    Panasonic Sub 5K Camera in the style of Ursa mini, Fs5……

    Atoms 4K Ninja Star for small cameras like GH5

    SONY 10bit 4:2:2 internal & electronic ND in all future a6xxx and A7 cameras
    Update / More lenses at f2.8

    Nikon Cine mod all their Glass

    Canon Get with the program

    New faster Veydra Lenses. Veydra Zoom lenses would be awesome

    wireless 4k

  • D.D., I hope you’re going to compare the newer generations of gimbals. *Try to get to the booth & critique their Helix gimbal vs the Ikan Beholder types & the Movi/DJIRonan types*.
    Enjoy the show,James Doukas