This are the most notable items for me.

Not going to ramble for 30 minutes like last time, people liked that but let’s keep it short. This are the most notable items for me.

  1. Davinci Resolve 14
  2. Sony a9
  3. Crane Version 2
  4. Yi 4k +
  5. Instamic
  6. SmallHD Focus
  7. Grading Monitor


  • Thanks for the recap. I’d love to hear more about your grading monitor search. I’ve read your September 28th post and wondering what’s stopping you from buying the “Eizo ColorEdge CG247X”. What’s the difference between a calibrated computer monitor like that and say a HD broadcast monitor and calibrating it step by step with bars and separate color knobs? Obviously, I have a lot to learn but I’m looking for a setup that I can safely grade Rec.709 for broadcast and sRGB for web. (Currently using the LG Ultrawide 38″ with i1 Display Pro.)

  • Hey Dave!

    Super interested in the Instamic. But there’s been a TON of delays on it. What, a crowdsource with delays!? Unheard of 😛

    Did they mention they’re shipping? It was originally promised in Q1 2016.

  • Thanks Dave for your recap. Will be interested in hearing your thoughts on the Version 2 of the Crane verses the new Came-TV Prophet like the idea of having configuration options.

    Those Instamics look cool, but geez $40 less than the Tascam 10L not sure that’s worth it, still hoping for a wireless that also records and not at the $$$$ level

    Anyways thanks again for the report, easier than attending

  • @ Larry.
    I got my Instamic Pro. It is great, especially the safety track and monitoring. I’m using it in a documentary right now as I’m working a lot with kids so very handy compared with a lav. I’m still waiting for my regular (non-pro) Instamic and thinking of buying a couple more for mic-bombing for better audio coverage. Worth the wait although I’ve had previous situations where I was like “darn, I wish I had my Instamic already”!

    @ JEFF
    I also own the Tascam 10-DC + Rode SmartLav+, and need to do a compare them the future. Only thing is that I wish you could set the safety track lower on the Tascam. It is configurable on the Instamic.