Fun show.

I thought this was going to be a quick video but it ended up being over 20 minutes long.

Some of the items I talked about:

Sony 35mm f2.8 FE Lens Photos

Sony a7S 35mm Prime Las Vegas Venetian

Sony a7S 35mm D Concourse

Sony a7S 35mm Prime McCarran International Airport


  • Interesting, I think for this year I’ll step up to Canon 7D MarkII and a Black Magic Video assist, looks like a good team

  • Hi Dave!

    Great video, thanks a lot for your comments. I also love relatively small, lightweight cameras. And I also do prefer zoom lenses over primes! (but love the primes quality).

    I´m just waiting for the A7s mkII (I currently use a Canon 70D, and love it´s dual pixel autofocus. I hope A7s II will include at least phase detection AF).

    Again, thanks a lot for your videos, I´ll investigate some of your sugestions for future products, such as the nebula 4000 alternatives (yes, I also prefer pistol grips over dual-hand gimbals).



  • Hey Dave, great summary. It was actually incredibly helpful to have all your thoughts in one video rather than a quick clip of each product.

    Two quick questions – I own the a7s + Shogun and usually use my Canon 50mm 1.2 L lens and was wondering if you had the chance to compare the Canon 1.2 with the Sony 55mm you mentioned in this video?

    Also, any reason why the Ronin M with 2 handles isn’t your preferred method of gimbaled shooting?


  • sorry i have a big complaint against that spyder. IT BROKE. luckily i only had my t2i on it and not my a7s. LUCKILY i had 2 tethers for safety.

    but i think it was from bumping the camera around or sitting down while having the camera on the holster. . . IT BROKE !!!!!!!!!! it’s made of aluminum so it can easily be bent and broken (thickness of metal vs size of camera)

    this holster will probably be good for tiny cameras with tiny lenses. . . i wouldn’t recommend it if you change position a lot/travel to places with lots of people where it can be bumped.