I wanted to try this man on the street interview style.

I really liked Sebastian Wöber’s video called NAB2014 – I Don’t Need Stuff from last NAB2014, I told him I wanted to give his format a try, so I totally stole his idea (Sebastian hope you don’t mind). I learned a lot while editing it to Sebastian format.

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  • Hey Dave!
    It was really nice to see you at NAB. Thanks for crediting me on the video and please go ahead and copy as much as you like from me if you ever see something again. I love to see how you took my concept further and I think in the end all we do as creatives is taking what is there and bringing our own heart into it. That’s all it is, we have to start from somewhere and I think it’s totally legitimate. Also I just love your content so it’s actually an honour!

    Best from cinema5D
    and hope to see you again soon!

  • This is really nice. I like this idea. Please allow me in future to copy this format for my documentary work.

    Thanks Sebastian and thanks to you Dave, I have learnt so much from you Dave.

    Keep those tutorials coming please.

  • Did panasonic intro a new 4k camera at NAB. The rumor was they would and it solved low light problems, better ISO numbers and DR. This sounds like what I’ve been waiting for.

    your thoughts on this camera compared to GH4.

    If this is the one camera that does everything, then I have to have it.