I thought I would make a quick video about NAB but I ended up rambling for 30 minutes.

I thought I would make a quick video about NAB but I ended up rambling for 30 minutes.


  • I wish this video was longer, cause I love this stuff. I’ve been watching all these NAB2016 videos (live and recorded) since last Sunday, but yours is one of my favorites.

    The last NAB Show I went to was 2007 (9 years ago). That was the last time Apple had a booth at the show. I can’t believe that after all this years we still don’t have affordable options for reference video monitors and archiving (LTO6/7 and Sony ODA are still too expensive). Everybody was hoping Blackmagic would announce a color-grading monitor for Resolve. Looks like we’re gonna have to do color grading on a 7-inch Atomos Shogun Flame HDR for now.

  • Love your quote “I dunno what Canon was doing.” We’ve all been saying that for the last 4 years. So sad.

  • Thanks for sharing Dave! Enjoyed the longer format – you should start a podcast, or put more videos like this πŸ™‚

  • Thanks a lot for that informative overview πŸ˜‰
    Arri sensors: “Never change a running system…”
    I’m still waiting for the “Fotokina” in autum this year…
    Best regards
    Bonn, Germany

  • Thanks for taking the time and effort to release your videos Dave! Have been watching them for ages but never commented sadly til now.

    Having just watched this and then followed by this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9seb7582LY directly afterwards from Bart Johnson Productions talking to AtomoscI thought of what you had to say re monitors. A cheaper solution for you πŸ™‚ from 6min 30 secs into the video. OK, so it isn’t a big screen!… but hey. Seems to be a great solution with live HDR view.

    Just thought I would point it out, I am sure you have seen it/thought of it already. Keep up the great work!


  • Hey Dave,

    Great video. With regards to Microphones if you haven’t checked this you really should check the very much overlooked and forgotten about Shure V83 lens hopper. Not the recorder version but the mic only version.

    This is a great mic as it has a metal body which gives it amazing RF immunity and also Superior RF immunity.

    Plus it has three position gain (-10 dB pad, 0, +20 dB boost)

    I really liked the Video Mic Pro sound and sensitivity but hated the build quality/plastic and RF immunity is not great.

  • With you checking out all those pistol-grip gimbals, I am surprised you missed out Zhiyun Crane.. Nice overview anyway!

  • Dave you talk about the Slider One being too expensive but the Libec is even more so at Β£433. Shame, as it looks like it does what it does well.