It makes moving the camera so easy!

Update: I would get the Zhiyun Crane, it is better than this gimbal. See my review.

Check out my Videos 1-3 on the Nebula 4000 Here.

I took the Panasonic GH4 and the Nebula 4000 Lite from FilmPower up to Estes Park over Christmas. (Note I have a course on the GH4).

This is not my final review of this unit, just some examples of what this thing can do. So far I am very impressed and not sure if I can give it back because it makes moving the camera so easy.

I have no association with Filmpower, they just sent me a review unit, if I want one I will have to buy it with my own money. I am just surprised that no one else that I know of is making a 3-axis pistol grip gimbal.

I got rid of the vibrations

Sony a7S with 20mm

I am faster at Balancing now, about 10 minutes

Question Video for Ken Anaso (others might learn from it)

Doesn’t work well at -2°F

So Easy To Walk Around With, Without Being Noticed

Nebula 4000 lite with gh4 on my side

This is all I Used to Walk Around

Nebula 4000 Lite at Lunch

No Store Shop Owners Will Give You a Hard Time

Nebula 4000 Lite in a Store

How Not to Calibrate it on a Uneven Starbucks Table

Nebula 4000 Lite Balancing at Starbucks


  • I’m impressed as always, another outstanding review Dave (and this wasn’t even the “real” one, ha ha!)

    Of course now I want one too

    Do you have any feeling which Canon line cameras would be light enough for this unit? The Canon Rebel Series, what about the 5D or 6D? Of course I imagine that a lot depends upon the lens too but just to give us something to measure against let’s assume you’ve got a 50mm prime on there.

    Ok, thanks Dave!


  • Would it be possible to reverse the arm, so it’s positioned to the right. I was looking at this unit to use with Canon XF100, but LCD opens on the left side of the camcorder, so the direction of the support arm would have to be to the right. Thanks for the info.

  • Dave:

    Go t the GUI and check the box which says skip calibration on startup. Then calibrate the gyro and it is done. No more correcting the horizon. Second thing incresase the deadband to about 5 degrees you will see an improvement on the movement. Third thing increase the P on the Roll axis but you will have to increase also the D. If you prefer just give more overall power to the Roll motor.

  • Nice video Dave. Looks like a cool gimbal system. Appreciate your reviews as always.

    I lived there many years ago (my sister still does), and your video made me miss Estes Park and my old friends who still own many of the businesses in your video. REALLY made me miss the snow over the holidays since I live in Scottsdale!

  • I’ve been crying out loud for such a gimbal. But manufacturers are adamant to produce sumo wrestlers size gimbals. This is ideal for the wedding, run & gun guy.
    As good it is at the moment I wouldn’t buy it as it’s still at the early stage. Make it tool less, auto tuning, changeable battery packs, extra light weight, space for external monitor. Then we are talking, but until then it’s a no no. This thing can’t stand up to requirements of a professional shoot, ok for muck about. I’ve been there before, got the t shirt- adjusting those hex bolts, the pain man! never again! Plus this isn’t a 32bit Alexmos with 2 IMU version. It’s the old board in there.
    I am hoping DJI are on the case and will release a baby Ronin. To capture these light weight cameras- gh4, a7s.

  • Augusto Alves da Silva, i would rather wait for the build quality of something like a DJI Ronin Mini. Just the fact you can render this thing useless and the problems with battery and Daves problem with it listing to the right makes me want to wait a while.

    Augusto Alves da Silva i have searched the web and can find no news on DJI mini, are you guessing? or do you have a source on them working on one?

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