What Laptop Should I Get for My DSLR Video Shoots?

Please help me pick my next laptop.


Since you guys did a great job helping me out with my last computer build, and I followed a lot of your advice on what was one of my most commented video ever.

  • Not as big as our current laptop (Acer Aspire 5560 15.6″) but not as small as the one before
  • USB3 write to USB3 128GB flash drives.
  • Doesn’t need super battery life
  • I don’t like to edit on trips because that keeps me away from shooting while I’m there, needs to have be able to handle editing one DSLR track with one track of text well.
  • SSD 470GB, perhaps two one in the DVD drive area?
  • Small or no brick PSU power supply
  • Doesn’t need a DVD drive
  • Internal SD slot in case I forget my card reader.
  • Windows 8? Touch screen? Windows 8 is so different, MAC?
  • RAM perhaps 8GB?

I will take all your comments and filter through them, once I get the laptop I will post speed tests from it to share back what you guys helped me with.