Cool new logo and bumper for my site and videos!

I enjoying sharing what I’m learning while working with DSLR cameras and judging from the growth I am getting on YouTube which is amazing, I would say that a lot of people are enjoying what I share.

Sometimes people have learned a lot from my videos and want to give back by helping me in someway, which is fantastic! So when Michelangelo Girardi from England wanted to make a new bumper for my videos I said sure after I saw his show reel of 3D effects and animation work he does for clients. He does work on many local and national TV channels. So I hopped on Skype and spoke with him about what I was looking for. To be honest I didn’t give him that much input, I told him that he had total creative freedom.

So here is what he came up with, I only asked him to do some minor tweaks to it.

His show reel.

Watch the full version of the making of the learningvideo Bumper.

He is originally from Italy but his English is excellent, I didn’t have and issues communicating with him.

Right now he is working with a very famous rock band Negrita from Italy and celebrity chef called Simone Rugiati.

You can find them on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or via email.


Now that I have my monster computer  running I want to use After Effects more, like this logo I did for a corporate video last year. But sometimes I just don’t have time, so I have hired people to do it for me in the past because I suck at After Effects.

I have been running a ton of tests on my new computer and I have come up with some interesting results I want to share, so keep following me to watch that one soon.

The program I was referring to that I didn’t know about was Cinema 4D, I know what After Effects and Photoshop are.

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5D Mark3
5D Mark III


  • Great look. I wish I had the time to learn the deeper side of Adobe AF.

    This blog is getting better all the time….

  • I have found your tutorials very useful, as I am becoming more interested in moving in the direction of video production.
    I do have a 5d mk3, but was wondering if you have been tempted to buy a Black magic Cine camera with the EF mount?
    I would certainly like to see a review carried out in the very clear & relaxed manor that you narrate your tutorials.
    Best regards from South West England… john

  • Not bad. 🙂 It’s really awesome when fans offer to help out; you have a loyal fanbase — it must be a blessing to have people contribute to your videos.