Are you using the most popular NLE?

You want to be part of the cool crowd, perhaps use what everyone else is using. There are some really good reasons to stick with the most popular NLE out there, the biggest reason is YouTube tutorials, like for that time you knew your NLE could do something but you couldn’t figure it out how. After a quick search you find the video that shows you how to do it. With an NLE that has small market share that is not so easy to do.

Perhaps the most popular NLE is not the best NLE, but tutorials are something not to overlook.

How do you find out what is the most popular? You can buy the a 89 page report for $6k here. Or you would take a look at a survey I did of my audience in this video. Now you get what you pay for because I will admit I did a terrible job administrating this survey. Google Moderator was the wrong tool because people could vote on each one up or down, where it should have been just one vote. That said I think we have somewhat accurate results, and I promise to revisit this next year I’ll make sure I do a better job.

Here is a pie chart for all the NLE and their versions.

Here is a pie chart for just the pro version:

  1. Premiere Pro 63%
  2. Final Cut Pro 20%
  3. Sony Vegas Pro 14%
  4. Avid Media Composer 3%

Tutorials online numbers:

  1. Sony Vegas pro tutorial 41m
  2. premiere pro tutorial 34m
  3. final cut pro tutorial 17m
  4. Avid Media Composer tutorial 892k
  5. Grass Valley Edius tutorial 35k

If you are a freelancer you might need to know all of them.

Interest for NLE via Google Searches

All of them seem to be flattening out in terms of interest, but you can see the top three are Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas Pro. If you are using one of these three you are in the in crowd. 🙂


So what does this all mean? For me I understand my audience better. For instance not many of my audience uses Avid, which totally makes sense since I hear that one is for high-end professional that might not be watching my videos.