4K camera that is very small

Find pricing on the Panasonic LX100 here.

I didn’t do my normal long review with this camera, if you are looking for more info check out Chris and Jordan’s LX100 review video they do a great job reviewing this camera. I did not have a ton of time because I was working on my Panasonic GH4 course. Chris I think is one of the best camera reviewers out there on YouTube.

I already have two cameras, do I need a third? I could just use my Sony a7S with pancake (of they made one) but Sony is not making lenses for the FE mount fast enough.

Main reason I wanted to look at the Panasonic LX100 is to fly it on the Nebula 4000 Lite 3-axis gimbal. For the cost of the LX100 I could just get this gimbal and fly my GH4 or a7s.

Things I Like:

  • Nice for vacations
  • So nice to have peaking and zebras!
  • Marco not close enough for me, but you have 4k to crop in!
  • In winter jacket didn’t notice it and forget it was there.
  • Slow motion is different then the GH4. You can hear the audio using a VFR.

Smithsonian Castle at sunset

Things I don’t like:

  • “Bummer” no audio input!
  • Color changes from pic to record movie, you don’t get a preview before you start recording.
  • Need ND filter which takes the simple factor way from this camera
  • You can’t ramp the speed of the zoom, only one speed
  • Battery and card will not come out unless you take off mounting plate
  • Hard to hold with one hand and shoot for me
  • Turning AF off is awkward
  • Eye cup could be a little bigger, find myself cupping my hands around it with bright snow on ground.
  • So light you can see small imperfections in a slider.
  • Heavier than I thought it would be
  • It the ia button confused me many times but hitting it by accident. Missing menu items when on.
  • Electronic shutter can’t be used during night time lapse, not slow enough
  • Cost so much because of the lens?
  • Sucks not having flip out screen in the wet snow. Knees get wet.

LX100 Washington


  • No audio input, no buy.
  • New gimble might work on GH4 so might not need something this small.

Thanks for Kate for modeling for me at our lunch.

National Museum of Natural History


  • Dave – Do you think this would work well as a B camera to the GH4? For my situation I would be doing dual system sound into a H4n for interviews. The small form factor is a plus because some of the interviews I would need it for require me to backpack to remote places… Thank you!

  • Hey you were in DC. I wish I could have meet up with you for a few minutes.

    Looking forward to your review on the Nebula Gimbal

  • I think it’s a good companion to the GH4. They are easy to match together. For the mic input: any mic on that camera looks ridiculous and would unbalance the camera. I also heard that the pre-amps in those cameras are bad. It could still be a main camera if you are using an external audio recorder like the Zoom H5 (I have a H2N) or if you use Lav Mic. Syncing sound is easy now with Premiere.
    I agree on the ND filter, that would make this camera a gem. I could use the tilting touch screen but I’m getting used to it.For the iA button, there is an option in the menu to change to press and hold instead of just press. Zoom speed is really slow. Step Zoom can help a bit.
    My biggest complaint is the Battery door not opening with a baseplate on. That’s a pain. At least, the battery last longer than in the GX7.

  • I am absolutely unconcerned about audio input on camera, I use an audio recorder, takes a few seconds to wild sync to a hand clap and so for me, I have plural eyes, but in about the time it takes for the program to open, I have it sync, so no audio input is actually a plus for me.

  • Dave you are amazing !!

    I’ve been following you since 2010 and want to say thank you so much for all the hard work.

    I learned so much from your videos and gears page, and I can’t thank you enough for doing this.

    Keep it up!